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The New York Times on Memorial Day weekend blamed American citizens for record-high gas prices, instead of President Biden’s war on American energy.

As gas prices reached another record on Saturday of $4.60 per gallon, up 45 cents from one month ago, according to AAA, many Americans are looking to enjoy their holiday weekend by getting out of town using a gas-powered vehicle. Yet the Times on Friday slammed American drivers for over-consuming gasoline.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Motorists have not done much to burn a lot less gasoline,” the Times wrote in an article entitled, “Gas Prices Hit New Highs as Summer Driving Season Starts.”

The Times wrote:

The price for regular gasoline in California has already risen to more than $6 a gallon, and it is virtually impossible to find gas for under $4 anywhere else. Nationwide, prices have risen by nearly 50 cents a gallon over the last month.

The war in Ukraine is the most immediate cause for the jump in prices as global refiners, tanker companies and traders shun Russian exports, forcing up to three million barrels of oil a day off the market. Energy traders have also bid up oil prices in the expectation that Western governments will impose even tougher sanctions on Russia and its energy industry.

But another reason for the high prices is that, despite them, motorists have not done much to burn a lot less gasoline. Analysts said people appeared to have a robust appetite for hitting the road as the United States recovered from the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM) appeared to agree with the NY Times report, tweeting, “We’ve got to crack down on the outrageous price gouging by big oil CEOs. And we need to make electric vehicles more affordable. Ending our reliance on dirty fossil fuels is not just a climate imperative—it’s an economic imperative for American families.”

Heinrich is a member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

RNC Research noted in a Twitter post on Friday, “Gas prices are 51% higher than last Memorial Day weekend, and 135% higher than during Memorial Day weekend in 2020.”

Eric, a single California dad, says in a CNN interview that he can’t even afford to go to the lake. “Fun has been postponed” as gas, hotel, and airfare prices surge under Biden.

An Illinois restaurant owner said he was just notified that the bread company who used to deliver his bread notified him they will no longer make deliveries because of fuel costs, and said his costs for cooking oil has tripled.  WATCH

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  1. What a load of crap. They haven’t figured it out yet that we know the cause. Running cover for Biden won’t help or change people’s minds.

  2. Wow!!! Americans need to do their flipping homework….. gas prices being what they are IS NOT the Ukrain/Russia issue being that the United States gets only 3% of oil from Russia….HELL-O!!!!! Our government is the problem….Just last week dipshit shutdown lease from Alaska for oil….. which is beyond a doubt a sure sign that he is going in the wrong direction to help with the gas prices…..he’s sickening 🤮🤮🤮

  3. They keep increasing the gas prices to push their agenda but we keep rolling anyway! They can kiss my entire ass!

  4. “These are people that live on top of each other, in huge, grimy cities, where everyone looks to where the group is going and they decide accordingly as a single organism. You know……MORONS.”

    The morons may find this difficult to believe, but the price of gasoline is directly related to supply and demand.
    With proper economic policies, it can be $120/gal again.

    MAKE GAS $1.20 AGAIN!


  5. If someone wanted to give me an electric vehicle I wouldn’t except it. The reason being there is no place in my apartment complex to charge it! I don’t know how many apartment units there are here in Phoenix, but I just read that 16,000 new ones will be built this year. No complex that I have looked at has charging stations.

  6. Why the hell do we have to take this crap from the a holes in the White House. The majority of Americans want to go back to producing oil here and becoming energy dominant in the world. We are sitting back letting this illegitimate regime cripple our nation. We can’t afford much more of this. Global warming is not killing our planet. It’s being used to fear monger and gain power by the elites. John Kerry is a fool and a charlatan. Impeach Biden and then impeach Harris this fall after we take back control of both houses and get someone in leadership that knows what they are doing before there is no country left to save.

  7. The plan with this high price for gas was deliberate, to get us to drive less and save the planet from climate change. Well I am sick of a government that makes policy from picket signs.


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