REPORT: Liberal Poll Inadvertently Finds Vast Majority Of ‘Trans’ People Aren’t Really Transgender

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Most adults who identify as transgender don’t consistently identify as the opposite sex or present themselves as such, according to a Thursday poll from The Washington Post and Kaiser Family Foundation.

Only half of transgender adults actually present as the opposite sex all or even most of the time, according to the poll. Fewer than half identify as transgender women or men, as opposed to “nonbinary” or “gender non-conforming.”

Among transgender respondents, 40% identified as “trans, nonbinary” and 22% identified as “trans, gender non-conforming; only 22% identified as transgender women and 12% identified as transgender men, according to the poll. Nonbinary people feel that they do not fit into the category of male or female, and gender non-conforming people feel that they do not fit into conventional gender norms.

The survey polled 515 U.S. transgender adults in late 2022. Notably from the poll, a handful of transgender respondents said they presented as the opposite sex all the time; three in 10 did, compared to 20% who presented as the opposite sex “most of the time.” This is also in comparison to 34% who did “some of the time” and 16% who “never” present as the opposite sex.

Josie Nixon, a 30-year-old who identifies as nonbinary, told The Post the following:

“I think there’s a pushback against this idea that we have to fit in one of those boxes. There are certainly binary trans men and women who fit well in those boxes and love being there, but I think there is a trend, especially as more young people find themselves, to say, ‘These boxes don’t do me justice, and they don’t represent me in a way that encompasses all of who I am, so I’d rather exist in between or outside those boxes.’”

Medical transition was rare compared to simply social transition, the poll found. Fewer than a third of transgender people had ever used puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones; only one in six had surgical procedures done for the purpose of gender transition.

Conclusively, the Post also found that 78% of transgender adults reported that they had experienced serious mental health problems compared to 32% in the U.S. overall.

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  1. How the legitimate LGBTQ lobby puts up with all the aggravation and bad PR many of these “trans” people are causing I don’t know.

  2. Still men with mental issues dressing up as women pushing the pedough agenda. WHERE ARE ALL THE “TRANS” WOMEN?!!!”

  3. It’s all about pushing a Agenda!! Liberals have to have something on the front burner all the time! It’s nothing but the Destruction of America!
    I’ve been saying, Liberal Democrats will Destroy America with their Stupidity!!

  4. I got shit to do. Cut grass, plow snow, split firewood, bring in coal, take out ashes, clean the guns. Reading about issues frequently covered in ALL news is like watching the three stooges. Can you say “cultural divide?”


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