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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot allegedly called the owner of a high-end exotic car dealership an “idiot” during a heated meeting after the store was targeted in an armed smash-and-grab robbery, according to a report.

Lightfoot allegedly “got into a fight and walked out” of Gold Coast Exotic Motor Cars during a meeting with store owner Joe Perillo, according to sources who spoke to CWB Chicago.

The article goes on to state the following:

One of the sources told the outlet the mayor called Perillo an “idiot” as she left the showroom, though Perillo told Fox News he did not hear her call him that.

“I’m not aware that she called me an idiot… at least she did not say that to me,” Perillo told Fox News. “In her heart, I believe she is trying her best. That said, we are both passionate individuals and have different views of how to deal with theft. I can report that there was nothing I said that in any way was foolish! I simply wanted to know what her future plans were going forward!”

A mayor’s office spokesperson confirmed in a statement that Lightfoot met with Perillo, but did not provide details on the meeting.

According to the report, a day or two after the meeting, Perillo was visited by an inspector from the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection with a ticket book.

Lightfoot’s spokesperson denied that the inspector showed up at the dealership because of the sour meeting, citing a anonymous complaint on December 15 about a public health violation at the business.

“It was unrelated to the mayor’s meeting with Mr. Perillo,” the spokesperson said, according to CWB Chicago.

Perillo reportedly received five tickets. One ticket for failing to comply with the commissioner of health’s mask order, and another for failing to comply with BACP’s order to comply with the commissioner of health’s mask order. The third ticket was for “storing, receiving, possessing, selling nineteen bottles of liquor. One whiskey, champagnes, wine, etc.”

The fourth ticket cites two violations: “Failure to display an incidental consumption liquor license and failure to have a required liquor license,” the report notes.

The inspector reportedly issued the fifth ticket for “interfering with or obstructing the commissioner’s designee in the performance of duties.”

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    • Yes. We do.
      Lightfoot has become a tyrant . She directs from on high and if you disagree with her, or anger her , contradict her she has a retaliation in store for you.
      This is not the first example I have heard of Lightfoot bring upset and coincidentally the individual involved gets hit with inspections and fines.
      I have heard she has “people” from her office trolling social media and calling people who make unsavory comments demanding retraction or else.
      She’s a little dictator . I’m calling her Napoleon from now on

  1. You can see clearly that liberal leftism is a mental illness. Perrino knows this crazed mayor called him an idiot but he is a libtard and knows very well how vindictive libtards are. So he denies it. Lightfoot doesnt care and anyone with half a brain can see she sent the inspector to teach Perrino a lesson…5 citations? Come on. Yet in the end, Perrino gets f**ked but he still thanks Lightfoot and praises her. That is what leftist tyranny looks like.

    • Bingo that’s half of the insane dumbed down Americans mentality of Americans today
      The way they think and act
      No balls and no guts And most certainly not a real man
      Same mentality in California
      Their so called dictator
      Said to leave their cars unlocked so the thieves can rob it
      Well the memo was
      Hand the keys over with a smile And thank his black butte for robbing you. And be happy to continue to make payments on a vehicle that the insurance won’t pay off on Because you gave them access. And be really joyful to pay higher Ins premiums

  2. Where’s a John Wick when you need him Or a Patrick Henry
    Or Rambos who won’t take this crap by a putrid elected that acts like a dictator
    It is obvious that her color rules her brain
    Americans knows what Beetlejuice is Its just people of Chicago that seem to be brain dead concerning her

  3. She’s a danger to society and a paid criminal Illinois must have some really ignorant voters
    Or we the people have always participated in fake elections not realizing


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