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The Daily Mail is reporting that the Lincoln Memorial was closed after Georgetown student reportedly held a rowdy graduation party and left the steps littered with broken booze bottles.

The National Mall’s park service announced on Twitter this morning that the iconic Washington Dc memorial was closed after a ‘local university graduation celebration left litter, broken bottles and spilled wine and champagne covering the steps.’

Georgetown hasn’t been confirmed as the college involved, they said they are ‘monitoring’ the situation. It is also reportedly a tradition for its students to head to the memorial to watch the sun rise after their graduation.

“The Lincoln Memorial is closed this morning following a local university graduation celebration that left litter, broken bottles and spilled wine and champagne covering the steps. We will reopen as soon as the area has been cleaned and made safe,” the National Park Service wrote on Twitter Saturday morning.

About two hours later, the NPS announced, “Thanks to our facilities staff for the quick clean up this morning. The Lincoln Memorial is open. We appreciate your patience.”

Broken glass and other trash was seen left behind, in a photo shared by photojournalist Anthony Tilghman.

Facebook user Patrick Mclain blasted the mess, responding to a Fox News report.  He wrote, “I am absolutely saddened to know , my family and myself and everyone whom ever had services to this country means nothing to to the new generation! The Lincoln memorial and reflection pool is about showing men fought and died for ALL men equal to one another, not separate and some less in meaning but EQUAL!!!!’”

Another Facebook user posted a photo of a pile of collected garbage.

A similar incident happened two years ago:

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  1. Shame on everyone of you idiots that have no respect for the Lincoln Memorial. God I pray you let Jesus come back anytime now. And put an end to this disgusting disgraceful shit hole of the world.

  2. Is there no security watching these monuments? Young people are not taught respect for property let alone life. There should be security cameras so they can be identified and pay for damages. What about the geo-tracking they used for Jan 6?

  3. Entitled basement dwellers ! You have no respect for those who went before you ! You make me nauseous by your actions . Those of you swinging down the booze in and out of the photos ……your parents must be sooo proud .Georgetown make this right ….!😡

  4. It always saddened me to see the piles of trash left on the Mall by people celebrating the Fourth of July. If they truly loved this country, then why would they trash it like that?

    But then, when you realize that 95 percent of the city votes Democrat, you begin to see the mindset.


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