REPORT: Long Island town blocking construction of ‘loud’ Trump supporter’s home

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A resident of Amityville, Long Island claims the town turned his life into a nightmare by allegedly blocking construction on his home because he’s a “loud” Donald Trump supporter, according to a new $1 million lawsuit.

Vincent Franco, 62, says he’s stuck in a real-life horror story, as he and his wife are forced to live in a small part of their old house while the new structure being built around it remains in limbo and open to the elements.

The article goes on to state the following:

“All the squirrels and raccoons are getting in,” he told The Post. “My wife went to grab something from the attic and a raccoon jumped out and almost bit her.”

Franco, a construction contractor began renovations on his home in 2020 and ever since has dealt with dubious obstacles according to his lawsuit.

Residents have allegedly filed bogus complaints that the size of the expansion would be improperly used for commercial storage or three-family home.

However, Franco’s lawsuit alleges that the complaint was really just a “veiled attempt to discriminate against a Trump supporter who flew Trump flags from his car, in front of the single-family construction dwelling.”

Franco also claims that the town mayor “openly said that he did not like having contractors and builders living in his community.”

His permits were finally approved in August of 2021, so he started construction which included raising his roof by over three feet, and the fire building inspector told him that the additional roof height wouldn’t be a problem.

Based on that conversation Franco spent $100,000 to finish the roof including electrical and plumbing work on the second floor.

However, in March of 2022, a different inspector disregarded the promise of the first inspector, saying the roof was too high, “shutting the entire construction down, sending Franco back to planning,” the lawsuit alleges.

The suit claims that the new inspector, “made it extremely clear that this was due to personal biases on behalf of the trustees, mayor, personally, and professionally.”

Now Franco claims he can’t even put plastic or siding on the exposed plywood and open rafters of the structure, meaning rain and animals are getting inside.

The new structure is being built around the old house, so Franco and his wife are confined to just three rooms of the old home.

Franco said, “When it rains everything comes through the ceiling and we get decimated.”

He is suing for $1 million.

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  1. All these people who have positions in power are such assholes! There have to be laws these people are violating! He should file a separate suit for discrimination, and another for violating his civil rights!! Then make sure he has a change of venue to be sure it’s all above board

  2. How do we start a fund to support this homeowner for his lawyer and supplies being ruined due to discrimination and holding up his home construction?? Freedom and the American way of life is being threatened. Corrupt officials need removed!!!!!


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