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As the Obama Presidential Center continues construction near Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood, many low-income residents are asking the city for protection over fears that property taxes, insurance, and interest rates will skyrocket as the neighborhood changes to a more upscale area.

Many residents of the Woodlawn and South Shore neighborhoods fear being driven out of their homes due to rising rents and house prices as the area changes once the Obama Center opens, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The article goes on to state the following:

The City Council has already enacted an ordinance that they hope will protect legacy residents that the Obama Center will affect. But the Coalition for a Community Benefits Agreement, a group formed to look after the interests of long-standing residents, wants more.

The report explains that activists are concerned that black residents will be slowly pushed out of the neighborhoods where the first black president is building his giant complex.

The Obama Center won’t be a typical “presidential library” because Obama won’t house his papers and records there, Breitbart reports.

Multiple lawsuits were launched to try to stop the project, since it is being built in Jackson Park, and they argued that it shouldn’t be allowed on parklands. Hundred-year-old trees in the park were reportedly ripped out in preparation for construction of the center. A groundbreaking ceremony was finally held in September of this year.

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  1. The demowant to tear down highways they say segregate black communities but allow a usless pos build a complex that will drive low income families, mostly black out of their homes

  2. “Hundred-year-old trees in the park were reportedly ripped out in preparation for construction of the center.“
    The only green we’re talking about now is $$$$$$$ !

  3. He probably chose that area because he got the land cheaper..not giving thought to the people who lived there or their welfare.. What a Shame..For a President who wants better climate control he takes out 100 yr old trees. What a shame. He’s so full of himself that his project didn’t take into consideration the neighborhood people he would affect because in all honesty, he didn’t care enough about whose wallet got affected as long as his pockets were full. I never believed he cared.

  4. Looks more like a tomb. Now he can go there watch little girls invite them in and no one will know what happened to them. Pedo in Chicago. Not good.


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