REPORT: Major airlines ditching gendered uniforms in an attempt to be more ‘inclusive’

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Major airlines have begun altering their uniform policies for pilots and flight attendants, with many now allowing employees to choose between women’s or men’s uniforms regardless of their biological gender.

JetBlue, Alaska Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Canada’s WestJet, Iceland’s Play Airlines, British Airways and Delta have all made changes to their dress code policies in recent years.

JetBlue was among the first to make its uniform, hair and makeup policy gender-inclusive, according to a statement made by the airline in 2021.

On June 16 of last year, Jet Blue tweeted, “When our crewmembers are empowered to be their authentic selves at work, the benefits are clear. In June 2021, we released a gender neutral crewmember uniform policy, a first for the airline industry. #PrideMonth.”

On Friday, Jan. 27, Jet Blue tweeted, “We’re proud to be a voice in the LGBTQ aviation community, and to support career events like the @NGPA2 Industry Expo. Join us in Palm Springs for onsite interviews February 9 and 10. Register by February 1.”

Alaska Airlines tweeted in March of last year, “One way we show care is by creating an environment where our employees can bring their authentic selves to work. We’ve updated our uniform guidelines to embrace authenticity with new gender-neutral policies & personal pronoun pins.”

In September, Holly Branson, Virgin Air’s Chief Purpose & Vision Officer, shared a video on Twitter and declared, So proud of the team at @VirginAtlantic for letting their people choose their uniforms, so they can be their authentic self at work. It’s so important for workplaces to celebrate our differences & create spaces where people can be their truest selves.”

Iceland’s Play Airlines also announced their gender-free guidelines in June 2021, saying crew members may now “pick whatever works for them from a varied selection of outfits.”

“Forget running around in high heels – comfortable sneakers are the way to go. Instructions regarding hair, make up, tattoos and nail polish are gone,” the airline announced.

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  1. Women have been wearing pants, trousers, or pantsuits for years so not a big deal. But, does this mean men can wear skirts and lipstick?


    Am a pants-wearing woman since high school in the late Sixties…about time the airlines dumped having to wear skirts, stockings and heels. They are not the military (where it’s similarly old-fashioned anyway). Don’t really care one way or the other which clothing is being worn by whom, or even makeup or hair styles, as long as it looks finished and professional.

    I do draw the line, however, at “personal pronouns” being issued as part of badges. That’s forcing an issue overtly into passenger’s faces…these divisive things should simply be done away with completely.

    Just KISS keep it simple, stupid, as we said back in the day. How we adorn our bodies for modesty, warmth and fashion is all much ado about nothing anyway.

  3. They need to look professional above all else. If a man is wearing a skirt and heels and lipstick and has big hairy legs and five o’clock shadow, that doesn’t look professional. It looks like a perverted freak

  4. Pathetic, once a very prestigious position to have and the woke have destroyed this as well. Unfortunately we have allowed this bull💩 so we are part of the problem.

  5. Women are unique and are able to actually give life to a child. We can feed that child with our own bodies. We shoulder many realms of our families burdens and successes in support however it needs to be accomplished. We carry a deep connection with that little life we once birthed for the remainder of our lives!

    Quit taking away our uniqueness!! Let women be women and men be men! We ARE different! We have our own strengths and weaknesses – we are NOT the same!

  6. Woke alphabet people airlines!!!!??????
    Nothing has gone untouched by this evil 👿
    Up in Canada they’re gonna get the guy with the huge fake in your face boobs!!!

  7. They are breaking gender. They are blurring gender. God made them Male and female for a reason. Destroying that distinction… they already destroyed the nuclear family with gay marriage. This is the next logical step. Destroy everything the West holds sacred. That God holds sacred.


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