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A political action committee dedicated to helping elect to office female Democratic candidates who support allowing abortion says it will no longer endorse Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., over her opposition to a change in Senate rules.

In a statement released Tuesday, Laphonza Butler, president of Emily’s List, warned that Sinema may “find herself standing alone in the next election” should she not support efforts to change the chamber’s rules so  Democrats can pass legislation to overhaul elections.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Understanding that access to the ballot box and confidence in election results are critical to our work and our country, we have joined with many others to impress upon Sen. Sinema the importance of the pending voting rights legislation in the Senate,” Butler stated. “So far those concerns have not been addressed.”

Emily’s List clarified that they have not “endorsed or contributed to Sen. Sinema since her election in 2018,” and claimed that her decision to “reject the voices of allies, partners and constituents who believe the importance of voting rights outweighs that of an arcane process means she will find herself standing alone in the next election.”

Sinema, along with Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, are the two lone Democrats who are opposing the elimination of the filibuster, outraging other members of their Party.

Emily’s List also declared Tuesday night, “Today there are no Black women serving in the Senate. Let’s change that.”

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  1. So the demorats don’t like the fact that there is someone in their party who tells the truth and isn’t braindead.

    • I’d be leary of a Go Fund Me. They’ve shut down accounts for what I consider discriminatory, no-good reasons. I plan to donate directly to them both. Can’t really afford to, but can’t afford not to, you know?

  2. I am a Republican who would be more than happy to contribute to Senator Sinema and Senator Manchin for their bravery. I’m sure many others from my party would as well.

  3. Funny how all of the sudden Congress persons are now required to vote how their allies and partners vote or tell them to and NOT how their voter base tells them to…I thought that was the whole purpose of our Congress…was to vote how their people tell them to vote…not how their fellow senators tell them too…and can anyone show me one state law that stops a legal US citizen from voting???????

  4. Dangerous, these people are so disgusting and have no morals at all.
    It’s either Vote along the lines we tell you too or you are Black Listed.
    Beginning to wonder what country we are in anymore.

  5. So, Emily’s List is pulling a quid pro quo on Senator Sinema …. Vote how they want or they will not donate to her campaign.

    This is part of what is wrong with our elections. People voted into office are to represent We, The People, NOT “We, the ones who give you a lot of money to support our views”.

    Perhaps all non-individual citizen donations to any candidates should be completely illegal. These groups, like Emily’s list, have become more important to elected people rather than the constituents whom they’re supposed to represent. And with this very public announcement of their withdrawal of financial support for Senator Sinema, Emily’s list is also telling everyone that their group’s support can only be had if the elected official does as they say to do.

    I hope that Senator Sinema remains steadfast in refusing to vote for these bills that will ruin our country.


  6. Legal, registered citizens are allowed to vote….nobody else. Dems are spreading misinformation. They should be shut down and cancelled…but media loves their own lies.

  7. F this organization. They support killing babies anyway. I would be happy to donate to Sinema and Manchin. They might be surprised how many conservatives might be willing to do that.

  8. You betcha! As a conservative democrat, Senator Sinema is one of the only 2 democrats I would vote for! The rest of the democrats are corrupt, crooked assholes who must be voted out of office as quickly as possible! They’re a very real danger to our country!!!

  9. Its time to change your AFFILIATION. Bernie Sanders became a Independent after he didn’t like in the Democratic Party. You would of thought he would cross party lines once in a while, but he went BAT SH*T CRAZY.

  10. Clearly she will have to change parties because the Dems will finance someone else. She is more of a Patriot than many of the RINOS- Mitt Romney for example.


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