REPORT: Majority of recent COVID deaths happened among THIS group for first time: analysis

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For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, a majority of Americans dying from the coronavirus were at least partially vaccinated, according to a new analysis of federal and state data.

The waning efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines and increasingly contagious strains of the virus being spread to elderly and immunocompromised people have resulted in more deaths among those who have taken at least one vaccine dose, a Washington Post analysis published Wednesday finds.

“Fifty-eight percent of coronavirus deaths in August were people who were vaccinated or boosted,” the Post reported.

According to the paper, deaths among vaccinated people have been “steadily rising” in a “troubling trend” over the past year.

In September 2021, vaccinated people made up just 23 percent of coronavirus fatalities. In January and February this year, it was up to 42 percent,” the Washington Post’s Fenit Nirappil and Dan Keating wrote.

“We can no longer say this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” said Kaiser Family Foundation vice president Cynthia Cox, who conducted the analysis on behalf of the Post.

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  1. I would be very interested to know the amount of “died unexpectedly” cases there have been among vaccinated vs unvaccinated. Nobody’s talking about that. Particularly among those that took the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines.

  2. Also what they left out was 85% of people who died of cov19 where non smokers. Seems like nicotine blocks cov just like Ivermictin. So get nicotine patches or gum in your medicine bag . also Vit C . Zinc very important . D3

    In this so called vaccine is snake venom!
    Loss of taste one of the effects of snake bites . Vit C blocks the venom.

    Dont take my word do your research and you will find the answers.

    • So 15% of covid deaths were smokers? 12.5% of Americans are or were smokers in the past. So that 15% statistic isn’t very encouraging.
      Use vitamins etc. to boost your immune system, that part I agree with you on.

  3. Sounds like more BS to get big pharma back in vaccine business with a supposed updated vaccine.
    I’ve had the two shot but no boost and have traveled across country in 21 and stayed in hotels no mask and then this year again traveled and haven’t even had a cold in six years.

  4. Why don’t they focus on the southern border . Just how many are crossing with COVID ? I’m sure none of them come with health certificates or shot records.

  5. Even after this data is out Fauci is now talking about the winter of death for the non vaxxed. Fauci needs to pay for his lies to the world.

  6. With the exception of immunocompromised and the very elderly, how about the rest of us just work on boosting our immune system? My family, teenager, 55 and 63 all had covid with only cold symptoms. We have not had the vaccine.

    • And isn’t it funny when they are so desperate to put that experimental ‘vaccine’ into everyone, Covid is (the) one disease where oh, if you get covid, your protection only lasts a month or two.
      Geez, just about every other disease, you get it,, you’re set for life. But oh, not this one where we want to VACCINATE you…

    • I’m 77 and I had covid this past August, and it was like a bad cold. I never had a fever, didn’t lose my smell or taste and I only had one shot, the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. I have been taking Vit D3, Zinc, but no vit C because of history of Kidney stones. I do not plan on taking another shot at all.

  7. “Vaccinated people now make up a majority of covid deaths”
    Not to mention the majority of mystery clot deaths, the majority of young athletes dropping dead on the playing field, and countless ‘unknown cause’ deaths.
    I am very glad to have not gotten that [email protected] injected into me and I won’t get ANY vaccine so long as I cannot be 100% certain they won’t try to slip it into me. They are already trying to come up with a combination flu & covid vaccine… beware. I’ll get the flu before I’ll take a chance on a flu shot that may have something extra ‘because you need it anyhow’…

  8. I do not have any of the Covid vax neither my uncle that is 90 years old and has his health compromised because he has diabetes and other issues that comes with old age. His dr was the one who told me not to get it for both just follow the guidelines with distancing and masks and taking lots of supplements to boots our immune system. He said there was fifty/ fifty of dying with or without. So we decided not to have it because it is a vax not tested enough and we did not know what kind of reaction we would have. It worked. God bless him. Maybe he knew something we did not know. We both got Covid but late and it was like a simple cold. It only lasted 3 days. No fever, no loss of taste and never lost appetite. We did have the flu shot that I take every year because it had been good for both. That is the only vaccine I care for.

    • Oh Fauci knows all to well the “findings”. He got very rich in lying about the truth of the jab.
      He needs to be in prison for the rest of his life with no pension, no contact with people, must wear 2 masks at all times and must die alone with no family members at his bedside.

  9. Add in all of the death’s they’re not telling us about, or the one’s they were successful in covering up, and this total is off the charts !

  10. I do not have cable but I was at a fire D’Souza – her tv was on and they are still pushing the boosters hard!!!!!!!!!! Why is this even


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