(Commenting on)  REPORT: Majority of U.S. Adults Living Paycheck to Paycheck



  1. Pooring down of American people is almost complete. Credit card debt is up, fuel and food up, house cost are up, healthcare is up, buying large items are basically on the back burner. I’ve had to dip into my savings just to stay afloat, it’s so obvious that this is what they want to accomplish, more dependents on social services. The leftist loonies parade around wanting higher wages but celibate illegals coming by the millions which will lower wages because of the competition for jobs and increase taxes for their subsidies. When will they awaken, they voted this asshat into office.

  2. But hey let’s just keep funding these other countries who wouldn’t do shiitt for the Americans! It’s sickening how everything has gotten ridiculous and you can’t pay to live in a home because it’s outrageous,can’t afford to eat because it’s sky high prices, can’t afford utilities, can’t afford transportation. It’s really sad that our America has turned into a shit hole! Stop using our tax dollars for other countries and take care of us you know true Americans first and foremost!! We need Trump more than ever folks! You may Haye him but at least he cares about the American people unlike the bubbling idiot in office now!

  3. For sure! Under Trump I was looking at retiring in 2025. Now I’m working a second job just to stop the bleeding. Totally avoidable but it’s what the Dems agenda is!

  4. Have been living paycheck to paycheck since I turned 16 and worked part time. When I was in the military, I could not afford anything beyond the necessities. Back those days, we didn’t get government subsidies. if we got into financial straits, we were counseled and then put on report. After getting out of the military I had financial difficulties, it was on me. Credit card debt becomes a painful way of life. As for student loans, because I chose to go to school the debt was my responsibility not the government nor the community.

  5. Living on SS , can barely make ends meet , husband disabled , I’m working part time , house burned living in a small camper , can’t afford to get another home


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