REPORT: Man accidentally shot by dog

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A man who was shot by his dog in a tragic hunting accident was identified as Kansas plumber Joseph Smith on Tuesday as friends remembered the hunter as a “loving goofball” who made them smile.

Smith, 30, was in the front passenger seat of a pickup truck when the pooch stepped on the hunting rifle in the backseat. Smith was struck in the back and killed instantly, according to

Smith was a plumber at Browns Plumbing Services in Wichita, the company’s owner Chris Brown said Tuesday.

Brown created a GoFundMe for the family. He wrote:

My name is Chris, and I am creating this on behalf of the Smith family in order to help with the funeral and memorial costs of our beloved employee, Joe Smith, who unexpectedly was taken from us over the weekend.

Donations made here will go directly to the family to not only cover funeral costs but any other expenses that arise for the family in the coming months, and allow Joe’s family to grieve without the burden of financial stress.

Joe is absolutely the most unique individual I have had the pleasure of meeting. He was loved by all of us from all walks of life and loved the same. He made us laugh every morning whether it was at him or because of him he always made sure to be a positive light at my company. No matter how bad or stressful my or our day was, Joe always had something to lift our spirits. I have been a plumber for a long time and met many many different guys but never have I met another Joe and I am confident there may not be another.

If you were lucky enough to know, be a friend or family of Joe, you understand what a great loss this is to the world. We must all learn to navigate without him in it.

Please consider donating if you can, as any amount will truly help. We are very grateful for any donation during this very difficult time. If you are not able to donate, it would mean the world to us for you to share this link, someone else may be able to.

I know it would mean a lot to myself, the rest of our crew, family and friends if you also shared a memory or story of Joe and what he has meant to you.
We will forever feel so blessed to have him in our lives for just a short time. We will never forget you, Joe.
With love, Browns Plumbing Family.

A few words from Jessica a beloved friend and coworker,

“Joseph Smith was a truly amazing man. He was kind, funny, smart, and very loving. Every time he walked through the door, he would make someone smile. Either from being a goofball or just his natural presence making everything better. It wasn’t hard to love Joe because he always made you feel like you were one of a kind and never left a conversation without letting you know he loved you. Joe is going to be dearly missed by so many. He was a great friend, employee, cousin, brother, son, and dog owner. We have loved and lost one of the best. Rest in Peace Joseph.”

KSN reports:

According to the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office, Smith was sitting in the front passenger seat of a pickup. A rifle and hunting gear were in the back seat.

Investigators say a dog belonging to the truck’s owner stepped on the rifle, causing it to discharge. Smith was hit in the back.

Responding units arrived within minutes and tried to revive him, but he died at the scene.

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  1. Please don’t blame the dog. The gun should have been in the front with the hunters pointing towards the floor. And well, unloaded. Very tragic. So sorry to hear.


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