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CONCORD, N.H. — A New Hampshire man convicted of killing his wife’s co-worker and forcing her to behead him was sentenced Friday to life in prison, plus 45 years.

Armando Barron, 32, was convicted Thursday of first-degree murder, which carries a mandatory sentence of life without parole. A judge imposed additional time as recommended by prosecutors for other crimes, including kidnapping, criminal solicitation and assault.

The article goes on to state the following:

Barron was accused of assaulting his wife after discovering she had been texting with her co-worker, 25-year-old Jonathan Amerault, in September 2020. Prosecutors said he used his wife’s cellphone to lure Amerault to a park, where he beat and kicked him before forcing him into his own car and fatally shooting him.

Barron’s lawyers said that their client’s wife, Britany Barron, 33, shot Amerault. She denied the allegation.

Britany testified that Amerault was shot and then she was forced to drive to a remote campsite 200 miles away while  Armando followed her. She was then forced to behead Amerault and left to dispose of the body, she testified.

“Your actions were brutal. They were also horrific, they were selfish, and they were completely senseless,” Judge Elizabeth Leonard told Barron. “The abject cruelty, the pain and suffering and all that you inflicted on Jonathan that night is unfathomable.”

Amerault’s parents also comented on Armando Barron.

“The only good thing I see about all this heinous, heinous crime is that you are not 40 years old, 50 or 60, but only 30 years old. You have a long, long time to fade away and rot in prison,” Kenny Amerault said.

“My son Jonathan was a thousand times more of a man than this lowlife could ever even dream of being,” Justine Amerault said. “The loss of Jonathan to this world is incredibly sad. But the saddest part of all is that in spite of him being surrounded by so many wonderful people, this evil creature just slithered right through us all and took him from us. And the last hours of Jonathan’s beautiful life were in the company of this ugly, hideous, demented creature.”

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  1. Wrong sentence = take him to 15,000 ft on a plane then drop him without a parachute so he can contemplate the end.

  2. Wrong sentence = take him to 15,000 ft on a plane then drop him without a parachute so he can contemplate the end.


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