REPORT: Manchin fires back at Trump for pledging to campaign against him over spending bill

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Sen. Joe Manchin Sunday dismissed former President Donald Trump’s comments saying he’ll campaign against him in 2024 due to his work on Democrats’ social spending bill, speculating Trump’s involvement could even help him win his election.

“He did it in 2018 and it helped me so I got elected then, so maybe he’ll help me again,” Manchin, D-W.Va., said when asked about Trump’s comment by Fox News Digital.

The article goes on to state the following:

Fox News Digital’s Haris Alic reported Saturday that Trump lamented both Manchin and his fellow moderate Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., in comments at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

“What the happened to Manchin and Sinema, what the hell happened, where did this new philosophy come from?” Trump said.

“I think if this deal passes, they will both lose their next election, I do believe that, West Virginia and Arizona will not stand for what they did to them,” he continued. “I’ll go down [there] and campaign against him as hard as anybody can.”

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  1. Trump is coming for all those that have decided China, Russia , and oil is more important than America. Pelosi threaten to go after their families , just like Hussein Obama and Biden.
    Biden never wanted to run, however just like the Clinton’s secrets run deep.
    Can anyone say Blackmail ?

  2. Mansion almost lost his last election and believe me he will lose the next one in 2024!! Had he been up for election he would have never voted for this high tax and regulation and sky rocketing inflation bill!! Now you know why they never answer the phone at any of his offices!!!

  3. What did he get to vote !!! Schumer and peeloser had to promise him something !!! He said he was being treated bad by the demorats,so now they kiss and made up !!! He got something to fold

  4. What is really sad is that these politicians like manchin and the rinos that deceive their constituents is that when we go down as a country….. they will go down too! So all the crimes etc they are committing will hurt us all! Do they really think that the evil cabal will spare them???? They’re being used just like we are!

  5. Clear and simple. Manchin buckled and went with the Dems to increase our taxes. Get rid of him. He was bribes openly many times by the Dems with lucrative jobs for his wife. I think he took the bribe.

  6. I hope President Trump goes after Sinema too. What a disappointment. I was actually thinking she might be okay for a demrat. I was wrong.

  7. Arizona should be done with Sinema! She sold out Srizona and the people!!! Don’t vote for her again! Hope Manchin goes down as well!!

  8. Manchin you are finished you had earned some respect with the Republican Party more importantly the blew it & President Trump called you out rightly you are a traitor to the American People period.. they finally write you that big check from the left$$⁉️⁉️⁉️

  9. What’s the matter DML could not post my last comment about Manchin being a traitor to the American people or that President Trump called him out⁉️⁉️


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