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Sen. Joe Manchin (W.Va.), a key Democratic holdout on reforming the filibuster, is discussing small changes to Senate rules with Republicans.

Manchin’s discussions with GOP colleagues — which haven’t been previously reported — come as Democrats are trying to win over their conservative colleague on their push to “restore the Senate,” including making changes to the 60-vote legislative filibuster.

The article goes on to state the following:

Members of GOP leadership told The Hill that Manchin had reached out to them to float potential ideas with an eye toward making it easier to get votes and bills to the floor.

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    • I quite agree. Also, whatever happened to the Texas Democrats who had warrants for their arrest out for them when they fled to Washington DC rather than provide a quorum in the Texas House of Representatives?

  1. Be careful! Very, very careful. I’m not sure about Manchin yet. It would be awesome if he turned out to be for Americans and not the Democratic party. 🙏

  2. Nothing should pass the house or senate without 100% agreement. Make the politicians agree and write the docs so everybody gets what their constituents want.

  3. We need the filibuster restored in the house as well. That 60 vote rule is necessary. It’s better to pass nothing than to pass bad legislation. In most cases, they best thing the govt can do is nothing.

  4. Anything a democrat wants Should send up more than a flag
    Manchin And Tulsi are both playing the game of saying what people want to hear They still vote democrats agendas Their voting records are against Americans. Don’t be fools and fall For anything a democrat says Reaching across the isle is what the republicans always do And we end up paying for it.
    After 80 if the republicans just voted for the last Destroy America bills that democrats wanted.
    I am no longer a Republican I am now an independent

  5. The dems ALWAYS make it MORE difficult for voting when the conservatives have the house or senate.

    I see NO reason to make voting easier to pass dems’ wishes.

    The 60 votes are for a reason, and should firmly stay in place.


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