REPORT: Manchin releases text on long-awaited bill amid bipartisan skepticism

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Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) released the text of his proposed changes to the country’s process for approving energy projects, seeking to make his case to skeptical lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

Manchin’s text includes several provisions previously outlined in a fact sheet, including those that would benefit a controversial natural gas pipeline that runs through his home state known as the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

The legislation would also limit the timelines for environmental reviews that are part of the approval process to two years for major projects and one year for those that are less significant.

The new legislation also requires that a list of 25 energy projects of strategic national importance be kept by the president for 10 years. For seven of those years, “five of the 25 projects must be related to either fossil fuels or biofuels, six must be for clean energy and four must be related to critical minerals,” The Hill reports.

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  1. Traitor! Any Politician that allows the destruction & economy to collapse is NOT working for America, Americans or their constituents. People thought he could be trusted but he proved to be one of them. When people are freezing this winter all eyes will be him. He must not love this country to help collapse it.

  2. Typical DEMONcrate snake, plays nice to suck you in and that includes the spineless minion republicans, and then the devil DEMONcrate strikes and fills you up with his demon juice. F’n used car salesman


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