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Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) vented his anger with the media in the wake of a report that he wants to drop the child tax credit, a popular program, from President Biden’s expansive climate and social spending package.

“This is bullshit. You’re bullshit,” Manchin yelled at Arthur Delaney, a reporter for HuffPost Politics, who asked him to confirm the report that the child tax credit has become a major sticking point in talks with the White House.

The article goes on to state the following:

“I’m done, I’m done,” Manchin fumed, his voice rising, after Delaney asked whether the senator could support continuing $300 monthly payments to families with young kids.

Manchin made it clear that he is sick of being grilled on his negotiations with Biden over the bill.

“Guys, I’m not negotiating with any of you all. You can ask all the questions you want. Guys, let me go. This is bullshit. You’re bullshit.”

The heated exchange follows another contentious back-and-forth between Manchin and CNN’s Manu Raju, who reported that Manchin wanted to cut the child tax credit out of the bill.

Manchin referred to the report as “bad rumors” and said, “I’m not opposed to child tax credit, I’ve never been opposed to child tax credit.”

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  1. Well I am opposed to all of it, get the hell off your lazy asses and find a job. Or don’t have kids if you can not support them or raise them yourselves.

  2. I think giving families $300 a month is wrong…… why work when the government keeps giving away our tax money?

    AND why in Gods world would the House pass a bill on islamaphoba? Can’t have a bill on a phobia.

  3. I do not think the child care credit should continue. So, yes: get rid of it.

    And I think the “(un)earned income credit “ on income tax returns should be phased out completely over the next two years. If you want children, be prepared to pay to raise them, and don’t foist that on all of the other citizens.

    If the parents chose to have children (on purpose or because they were irresponsible when they had sex), the children are their responsibility – not the responsibility of all of the other taxpayers in America.

    And, it’s about time to stop blaming their financial woes on covid – that did cause issues, but most of these parents could get a job if they wanted to go find one.

    You want to know what’s really a systemic problem in the United States? It’s laziness and lack of having personal responsibility and fortitude. It sure as heck isn’t racism, misogyny, etc. It’s citizens becoming handout junkies – and I as a taxpayer don’t want to pay for their livelihoods – they can earn their own livelihood. And pay taxes.

    • OMG! I agree with all you said! EOC has caused the taxpayer’s for too long! I hated it when it first started and now it is ridiculous. I prepare taxes and it ticked me off when a young couple made 6k working and got more than that in refunds! No wonder now where businesses have to close early or go out of business as no one wants to work! Sickening!

  4. Hopefully, he won’t cave. But we all know that his wife was appointed to a cushy government position. What if her job became expendable? We know how the deep state works!! Atlas Shrugged…comes to mind.

  5. Do any of these so called opinionsts ever really feel remorse for all of the lies and propaganda they spread. How do these jokes sleep at night with no morals just pushing this bullshit agenda that they have to know is tearing this country apart. Sorry but it might be time to wipe them away and start again and this time no more mister nice guy ,not sorry. They are disgusting and if a bus load feel off a cliff I wouldn’t miss a single one.

  6. Social Security should be financially sound and would be, but for the fact that for 55 years Congress has spent every damn cent coming in , on general expenses. Then they want to tax you for what they stole. Now they want to create a ridiculous child tax credit, where will that money come from? 10:1:they’ll come after your retirement savings. Wake up sheeple.

  7. this child credit is bs. look at all of the medicare suckers that have a ton of kids and get thousands in food stamps housing help babysitting and the list goes on. if you’re a working family you don’t need that $300 each. they screw the retired people and the invaders that also pay no taxes get the same things wtf is wrong with all of this
    garbage taking from the taxpayers cuz they can

  8. I know of parents collecting unemployment & child care credit $300 a child and they stay home and just
    collect their money!
    They have no disability just pure laziness!

  9. I agree with many. 2 wks. after delivery of both children I had to go back to work as we had ends to meet. They did not have freebies, free day care, 6 wks. maternity for dad’s, free phones or free anything. No free lunches at school either. I resent the plan to destroy America with all the giveaways & raising the debt ceiling. The Democratic Party has gone overboard & ruined the greatest nation on earth. We will live to regret it & Joe Biden will go down the worst President ever to steal an election! Stay strong Joe Manchin. Tough it out . They are a disturbed Party.


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