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A Texas woman turned 50 cents worth of gasoline into a deadly weapon — by setting her boyfriend on fire at a Texas gas station and “melting” the skin off his body, police in Texas said.

The boyfriend, Ricky Doyle, 25, died Tuesday in a Dallas-area hospital from burns he suffered in the horrific July 18 attack, according to the Arlington Police Department.

The article goes on to state the following:

Doyle and his girlfriend, Breana Johnson, were arguing at a Shell gas station in Arlington at the time, cops said.

The report explains that Johnson was heard saying, “I’m going to kill you!” She went into the gas station, paid for 50 cents worth of gas, then returned and doused Doyle with it as he sat in the back seat of the jeep.

Johnson then used an unknown object to set Doyle on fire. Engulfed in flames, he ran through the parking lot trying to put the fire out.

By the time another customer grabbed a fire extinguisher to help put out the fire, Doyle was “bleeding and had skin that appeared to have melted off his body.”

Johnson reportedly then got into her vehicle and drove away smiling.

She was later arrested, and now that Doyle has died, she will be charged with murder.

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  1. Death penalty DEFINITELY appropriate . Talk about no regard for humsn life !! What a huge Pile O crap . Hope she gets it in prison

  2. It would have been more appropriate just to break up with him. Now her life is over because she ended a life of another human being. SMH

  3. Some of our societal members have no regard for the precious value of human life. “She drove away smiling” — Satan is real and is not even hiding anymore. He is in plain site everyday!
    Boy do more people need Jesus!

  4. She is an innocent black woman and this is a racist story that unfairly paints her as an evil person. Thank God that the average sentence for a woman in America that murders a man is only three years , 1.5 with good behavior. This guy didn’t die but he should have not committed that horrible crime against her by honestly answering her question “ do I look fat “ he is lucky .


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