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WASHINGTON (AP) — Majorities of U.S. adults think mass shootings would occur less often if guns were harder to get, and that schools and other public places have become less safe than they were two decades ago, polling shows.

Still, public attitudes on guns and gun policy are complicated, and the issue has seen little by way of federal legislative changes in more than a decade. In the wake of Tuesday’s massacre at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, Democratic governors and lawmakers are pleading for gun restrictions. Reforms will meet Republican resistance both in Congress and state legislatures and are unlikely to advance.

The article goes on to state the following:

While it’s not unusual for polling to show higher support for restrictions among the general public after a mass shooting, attitudes on gun regulation are overall rather stable over time, said John Roman, senior fellow at NORC at the University of Chicago.

The AP reports that a March 2019 AP-NORC poll found “a majority of U.S. adults — 58% — saying they thought there would be fewer mass shootings in the U.S. if it were harder for people to legally obtain guns.”

Specific measures limiting gun or ammunition access also get majority support, according to polls.

The AP further reports that gun policy opinions “vary starkly by partisanship.” They site new data from an AP-NORC poll that was conducted earlier in May. That poll found “51% of U.S. adults favor a nationwide ban on the sale of AR-15 rifles and similar semiautomatic weapons, while 32% are opposed. An additional 18% say they hold neither opinion. Seventy-five percent of Democrats but just 27% of Republicans were in favor.”

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  1. First they start with “assault” rifles and they’ll continue down the list until they have total control like in Australia and we have no way to fire back. WE’LL BE SCREWED!

  2. Look at California. Here we have the strictest gun laws short of outright seizure of lawfully owned weapons.

    Yet the absurd gun regulations have sone nothing to stop violent crime or criminals using firearms.

    This is just another attempt by the sick and wicked left to disarm the populace so they can rule us like tyrants.

  3. Interesting how a 18 year was able to purchase two weapons for $4000.00 and thousands of rounds of ammo.
    Where did he get that large sum of money? Was this another deep state set up and who open the door?

  4. Not less shooting there would be more…gangs and cartel have guns and innocent will be dead. Less police no thanks. Let the big cities get their crime under control then we will see

  5. It’s not complicated, you either foolishly trust the government to protect you and your rights or you don’t . If the last sixty years has taught us anything you don’t . Even local police and governments have let themselves be swayed by politics, greed and outright evil. The founding fathers learned that lesson well , we should have too.

  6. Joe Biden’s America left an insane amount of America’s guns in Afghanistan.

    No big deal right Joe when the guns are in other peoples hands.. not Americans.
    Pay for that blunder first, Joe.

  7. What poll ? I was never polled !
    Stick your statistics up you a$$
    Ask all Americans not some select groups that give you the answers you wanna here to push your agenda. Don’t question the legal guns owners and guns ! Question the mental stability of the shooter ! This last shooting the shooter was mentally I’ll someone around him friend or family ? Should have send up a flare that he wasn’t right in the head ! Blame partially the ones closest to him for not alerting Authorities ! So I should give up my gun rights for a pecker head like this? “Guns don’t kill people” “People kill People” prove me wrong !


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