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A 38-year-old Marine corps veteran faces imminent deportation to El Salvador despite leaving the country when he was just three years old.

Jose Segovia Benitez served in the Marines from 1999-2004 and was deployed to Iraq, earning numerous medals and accolades for combat.

The article goes on to state the following:

He even had a large tattoo of the Statue of Liberty inked on his rib cage to show his love for his adopted country.

The report states that, upon returning from Iraq, Benitez suffered from PTSD and a traumatic brain injury, which led to him turning to alcohol and drugs. He ended up serving several years in prison for drug and domestic violence-related convictions, and was then ordered deported.

Recently, he was already put on a plane bound for El Salvador when he was given a 5-day reprieve and removed from the plane.

His family and friends are calling on California governor Gavin Newsom to pardon him.

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  1. He served in the military, that already puts him ahead of half of the youth in this country, he should be given citizenship not reported…..

  2. True to form, the leftists that are trying to remove America’s borders, will take this very unique, highly unusual situation and use it as an argument against immigration law. They will wring their hands and bray like donkeys about the evil and heartless Trump administration’s efforts to gain control of the current immigration crisis by deporting people like this veteran. Inherent in ALL law are unintended consequences that fall especially hard on certain individuals, such as described in this situation. What is missing from this story are critical details regarding the crimes committed that landed him in prison and what, if any, effort was made to obtain treatment for him if he does indeed to suffer from PTSD. How did he get into the Marine Corps without citizenship? Was he in one of those programs that confer citizenship in exchange for service? If so, did he finish such a program? What were the barriers to correcting his legal status? So many questions and so little information….it can only be hoped that the lawyers working on his behalf will garner whatever relief is appropriate and available to him.

  3. No Veteran serving this country should worry about being deported. This happens more than you realize. Drugs are being legalized all around the states and all those drug war offenses should be exempt from deportation. This man has fought for this country while the people he represents are openly calling for communism.

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