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Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban weighed in on former President Trump’s social media bans, saying it was “the right thing to do.”

In an interview with The Daily Beast published Thursday, Cuban compared the former president’s social media bans to selling someone a product and then realizing it’s being used for something nefarious.

The article goes on to state the following:

“If I realized that something I sold was being used for something that was nefarious or wrong, I would stop it,” Cuban said.

Facebook and Twitter both suspended Trump following the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, alleging that he incited it.

Twitter has permanently banned Trump, while Facebook has extended their ban until at least January 2023.

Cuban continued his argument that the social media bans against Trump was the same as someone misusing a product.  “How is this any different? Putting aside the [Terms of Service], It’s just the right thing to do,” he claimed.

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  1. Mark Cuban is a big nothing! Who cares what you think? Go spend your money and play games. That’s what you are good at. You certainly don’t believe in free speech or what this country stands for. I’m so sick of people like you that think your opinion really matters.

  2. Lets see if he has the same opinion , when Facebook or Twitter suspends him for something he says or does. Like all libtards, he’ll change his tune.

  3. How about we ban Mark Cuban from all social media forever, also the team he owns. Thats shows how he feels about the Constitution and free speech. Cancel Mark Cuban the anti American billionaire!

  4. Mark Cuban is a low life, he gets rich off of other peoples inventions . The man has a chauffeur, to crate his butt everywhere. He’s always been a trump hater. He thinks he’s a pile and people should care what his opinion is. NOT

  5. Another millionaire telling us his one sided view….who cares…after all we do have free choice….oh yes that was before the Democrats took over

  6. This guy is a total loser and so full of himself! He sided with BLM and stopped the National Anthem at his team’s games, so no backbone and doesn’t love America! He flips about as often as Biden does! Can’t stand him!

  7. I thought Cuban was a little smarter than this. What an idiot, did any of these Trump haters actually hear what Trump said to the crowd, there was absolutely nothing said that would excite anything but a peaceful protest!! So sick of such ignorant people in this country!

  8. I’ve never been impressed by him at all. Rich elitist and their opinions no matter what side they’re on are nothing to me since they have never did anything to help personally and that includes celebrities.

  9. Given the financial ties between the NBA and China, this isn’t surprising. I would just say to Cuban, “hey puppet, your strings are showing.” It also is worth pointing out that what Cuban means by nefarious (wicked or criminal) is speech that is not approved by people like him. Trump’s MAGA message is not by definition wicked or criminal. I wonder if Cuban even understands that when you surrender your sense of decency for personal financial gain by holding the water for a country who puts innocent people in death camps actually comes closer to what one would call nefarious. Just another case of leftist projection.

  10. The high and mighty Mark Cuban has always hated Trump! Of course, he wants him silenced because the TRUTH is dangerous to the warped philosophy of the RICH egomaniacs on the left.

  11. MARK CUBAN = Stupid Turd. You got lucky on his business with credit. VC backed just like Zuckerberg and he thinks he knows everything! F. Off


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