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Washington, D.C., Attorney General Karl Racine has sued Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg for allegedly failing to protect consumer data following the Cambridge Analytica data leak.

The lawsuit alleges that Zuckerberg was “responsible for” and “had the clear ability” to control Facebook operations and enabled Cambridge Analytica to use consumer data. The lawsuit alleges that third-party firms like Cambridge Analytica got data from 87 million Americans and half of District of Columbia residents.

The article goes on to state the following:

“The evidence shows Mr. Zuckerberg was personally involved in Facebook’s failure to protect the privacy and data of its users leading directly to the Cambridge Analytica incident,” Racine said in a statement about the lawsuit released Monday. “This unprecedented security breach exposed tens of millions of Americans’ personal information, and Mr. Zuckerberg’s policies enabled a multi-year effort to mislead users about the extent of Facebook’s wrongful conduct.”

He added, “This lawsuit is not only warranted, but necessary, and sends a message that corporate leaders, including CEOs, will be held accountable for their actions.”

Racine tweeted:

“NEW: We’re suing Mark Zuckerberg for his role in Facebook’s misleading privacy practices and failure to protect millions of users’ data. Our investigation shows extensive evidence that Zuckerberg was personally involved in failures that led to the Cambridge Analytica incident.

“This lawsuit is not only warranted, but necessary. Misleading consumers, exposing their data, and violating the law come with consequences, not only for companies that breach that trust, but also corporate executives. Read the complaint:

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  1. Start a class action against the little alien!!! Put me down first,, his opinion a$$wipes penalizing everyone they don’t agree with !!! Break it up and bankrupt the jerk !!!

  2. Mmm..I am thinking…Washington DC AG is a Democrat….Are they doing this to give money to the Liberal Party the same way they did in the 2020 elections? Remember the over 400 millions they received in 2020 elections and no one said anything….

  3. Lets just make sure it goes to the 87 million people whos rights were violated..but thats not why your suing is it?
    Its not that he done it, its what he DIDNT do with it..the FBI can do it for clearly nefarious purposes but not corporate?? Hummm i get why Corporate America needs to be toned down but two rights don’t make a wrong this is going right to the moneylenders coffers not to the people whose rights have been violated more bulllshit


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