(Commenting on)  REPORT: Markey, Ocasio-Cortez ask Biden to issue aggressive executive order on climate change



  1. Are every one of these fuckheads going to buy an EV to the tune of about $50 thousand to $60 thousand each. Let’s see it democrats. Let’s see that registration with that EV in your name, you goons who voted for this bullshit. Did you assholes pay cash for that EV yet, or did you finance it for 10 years to pay it off? Do you think all Americans are just going to go out and invest in a POS EV. Most of America cannot afford one, you dumbasses. You bastards are lining your pockets based on non-factual information. Maybe you should all get a degree in Meteorology. I already have one. Prove yours and your knowledge, then we can talk.

  2. So another program called CCP or sorry thats Chinas Joes program. CCC is more money out of our pockets and into the governments pockets. Im sick of their crisis’s all in the name of equility and equity and BS😡🤬

  3. Bullshit! Nothing about the Maui fire was due to Climate change. Don’t these people do any actual fact checking? Their only goal is taking advantage of the American people.

  4. Everyone who voted for this are insane. I would love to tell them to their faces but none of them would care. All Democrats hate America.

  5. You ugly bitch AOC you need to keep your ugly fucking mouth and you need to be removed so you can go back to your fucking bartender job and go back to your country because nobody likes and care about you.you ugly witch.


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