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A Wednesday newsletter from The Atlantic urged readers to use Thanksgiving as an opportunity to “deprogram” their conservative relatives.

“Maybe you’ll plant the seed, sow just a little doubt about whatever Tucker Carlson is saying now,” Molly Jong-Fast wrote. “Or maybe you’ll need to report a relative to the FBI!”

The article goes on to state the following:

Jong-Fast described Thanksgiving as an invariably disappointing day that does not live up to the “hallmark-movie fantasy.” Jong-Fast’s best Thanksgiving, she wrote, was the one she spent in rehab when she was 19.

Jong-Fast says people should get their “creepy uncle” to get the vaccine, convince their aunt to reconsider her news sources and educate family members who likely “follow QAnon.”

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  1. Report all brainless snowflaker drone sheep demorats to the police so they can be detoured.
    They will still be morons. So they can give up their white privileges.🤣

  2. I sorta feel bad for her. Clearly the adults in her life failed her. She was in rehab at 19? She has never been loved by a family. Her teachers have taught her to hate America and disrespect her elders. No wonder we’re in trouble.

  3. Jong Fast???? Is that Chinese from China???? Sounds to me like she has been drinking the koolaid or has she been programmed by the left wingnut liberals and their Chinese counterparts. Send her to one of those countries where she can’t voice her crazy ideas. She would be thankful for a day to be thankful .. that is uf she survived!!!

  4. For a bunch of people that preach inclusion of all people. They sure are quick to hate someone with a difference of opinion than what they have. Also, it’s not illegal,yet, to be conservative. What a stupid remark from a stupid fu)k

  5. Sad to see someone put their stupidity on display in public. Molly remember do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Don’t be alarmed when someone reports you to the FBI because you asked for it

  6. Molly Jong-Fast looks like the typical snowflake with two different colors of hair, blond and red! And yes, I believe her when she says she can barely add and subtract!!! That’s NOT something to brag about, dippy!!!

  7. It appears she’s had concerning issues since her teens. That she’s turned into a whacko makes one question the effectiveness of the rehab. Send her back for sane programming.

  8. Molly jong-Fast, today is Thanksgiving, a day set aside to thank our creator for the blessings that we have been given through out the year. I promised him I wouldn’t speak curses over people so may he touch your heart and let you know that our rights come from him. None of us is perfect, but we don’t seem to have the same understanding of liberty. Please stop with the hate, we love our Lord and our families and we need no deprogramming from that.

  9. Jong Fast can suc my ass…. Of course the democrats are pedophiles.. Goes without saying. Shes mad cause nobody wants any of that STINKIN PU..Y… Hitler Stalin N JONG FAST will sit next to her boss THE DEVIL

  10. I still have relatives that say it’s ‘sad’ that I still support Trump & believe the election was stolen. My bp goes up when I try to fix their stupidity but they’re the ones that deleted me from fb so idk what part they can’t handle!

  11. Communist tactics like that will get you killed.
    Americans had to many family members die trying to stop these tactics and communists
    So I think before the gestapo shows up We will take back this country Even if we have to by removing one dumbed down at a time


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