REPORT: McCarthy brushes off concerns from conservatives about debt ceiling talks with White House

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Speaker Kevin McCarthy brushed off grumblings from the conservative flank of his conference over his ongoing debt limit negotiations with the White House, conceding that a final agreement would have to pass the Democratically-held Senate and be signed by President Biden.

The Republican leader arrived at the U.S. Capitol late on Friday morning, briefly stopping to tell reporters he felt “progress” was made in the prior night’s talks.

It comes after a letter signed by 35 members of the hardline-right House Freedom Caucus calling on him to “hold the line” against the White House and not compromise on any points laid out in the House GOP’s debt limit bill. Passed in April, the Limit, Save, Grow act would raise the debt limit by $1.5 trillion or through March 2024 and couple that with a $150 billion spending cut from this year to the next, tighter work requirements for federal benefits, and a rollback of key Biden administration policies

The Freedom Caucus urged McCarthy to remain firm on those demands, and asked him to add border security provisions to the final deal.

“We’ve got to make more progress now,” McCarthy said of the negotiations when he spoke to the press on Friday.

Concerning descent in his own conference, the speaker said, “You’re talking to people who don’t know what’s in the deal. So I’m not concerned about anybody making any comments right now about what they think is in or not in.

“Whenever we come to an agreement, we’ll make sure we will first brief our entire conference. So when you go and ask them questions, at least let them know what’s in it before they’re trying to get it.”

He said he was “not at all” concerned about the Freedom Caucus letter.

“Look, what’s going through right now is, members don’t know what’s all in. You all report things that aren’t really true in the process, so people get concerned,” McCarthy said. “If you wonder about holding the line, where we’ve been all the time, we don’t want to be in this deadline. We wanted to solve this months before.”

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  1. Neither side is really willing to compromise. It’s their way or nothing. Unfortunately the American people are the ones who suffer for their power trip.

  2. McCarthy, with all due respect, Biden is brain dead. He is not all there, so not sure how you expect to negotiate anything with him, unless Obama is in his ear or stuck up his butt, as usual.


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