VIDEO: McCarthy, House Republicans highlight economy, education in ‘Commitment to America’ agenda

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy introduced the GOP’s “Commitment to America” package on Friday, Republicans’ shared sales pitch ahead of the upcoming midterm elections.

McCarthy came out swinging in his speech, accusing Democratic lawmakers of ignoring rising crime, decrying restrictions on parental rights, and promising to repeal the recent expansion to the Internal Revenue Service.

The agenda includes a slate of general policy recommendations in four broad categories: “An Economy That’s Strong;” “A Nation That’s Safe;” “A Future That’s Built on Freedom;” and “A Government That’s Accountable.”

“We want an economy that is strong. That means you can fill up your tank. You can buy the groceries. You have enough money left over to go to Disneyland and save for a future — that the paychecks grow, they no longer shrink,” McCarthy declared.

“We have a plan for a nation that’s safe. That means your community will be protected, your law enforcement will be respected. Your criminals will be prosecuted. We believe in a future that’s built on freedom — that your children come first.”


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  1. Trying to turn the tide. I’m not buying it!! All the gop (most of them) does is talk! No action just talk a good game. Sick of their lack of action.

  2. I don’t think McCarthy should be speaker. Put in a person who supports the people of the United States and it’s constitution!! We need a fighter not a roll over guy

  3. Dear Republican leaders…gum flapping time is over! We demand action! America First agendas. If you’re not for/with us…you’re against us! Close the F’N border, open pipelines, stop all the coof mandates, hold all (dems and repubs) accountable for what has happened in this country, lower taxes, voter ID required, no voting machines, paper ballots, go after fauci/cdc/all involved and hold them accountable, abolish/start from top down All ABC agencies
    …this list could go on and on…


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