REPORT: McCarthy reveals condition for Santos’s ouster from Congress

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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said embattled Rep. George Santos (R-NY) will be removed from Congress if an investigation finds that he broke the law.

Santos is currently under investigation by the House Ethics Committee. The investigation resulted from revelations that the freshman congressman had lied about numerous parts of his life and career. In addition to the Ethics Committee inquiry, Santos is currently under investigation by a variety of federal and state entities.

McCarthy has mostly defended Santos, condemning specific misdeeds but refusing to denounce him completely, unlike many other House Republicans. McCarthy’s remarks Tuesday are perhaps the closest he has come yet to outright condemning Santos.

“If for some way when we go through Ethics and he has broken the law, then we will remove him,” McCarthy said, according to Axios.

“You know why I’m standing by him?” McCarthy continued. “Because his constituents voted for him.”

“I do not have the power, simply because I disagree with somebody on what they have said, that I will remove them from elected office.”

McCarthy fielded heated questions over Santos after he officially removed Democratic Reps. Adam Schiff (Calif.) and Eric Swalwell (Calif.) from serving on the Intelligence Committee. He told reporters that there were serious questions about Swalwell and Schiff, and that they were not fit to serve on the committee. He said 200 other Democrats are fit, so it is not political.

He reiterated that voters elected Schiff and Swalwell, just as they had Santos, and he was honoring those voters wishes in all cases.

UPDATE: McCarthy formally blocks prominent Dems from panel

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  1. How about the plagiarist in the White House .His career is mostly lies .The problem is the media left him alone . If the media left Santo alone ,as they did ,the lying leader, there wouldn’t be a constant attack on this man !

  2. WTF… Biden has literally broken the law with the open border fiasco just to name one… Santos stays unless the same standard is applied to the Dems..

  3. Santos not only lies fluently and frequently, but seemingly has zero conscience about it. Being in Congress makes him very dangerous. His allegiance is to no one but himself. The VOTERS NEED TO RECALL HIM and replace him with an honest person. NOW!!!

  4. Gotta give props to McCarthy for telling the reporter the facts about schiff and swallell. Maybe he will continue to do the right thing. Time will tell but rep voters will be watching.


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