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According to POLITICO, the Pennsylvania’s too-close-to-call GOP Senate race is being rocked by an obscure court case involving mail ballots.

In a letter first obtained by POLITICO, David McCormick’s campaign wrote to the state’s counties Friday and argued that they should count mail-in and absentee ballots that were submitted without dates on their envelopes.

The McCormick team cited a judgment from a three-judge panel on the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals that had been issued just hours earlier on Friday. It found that hundreds of undated mail-in and absentee ballots that were received on time but were undated should be tallied in a 2021 county judgeship election.

Election officials should know by Tuesday if there will be a recount.

As of Saturday afternoon, Oz is ahead of McCormick by 0.1 percentage points or 1,100 votes. However, McCormick is outperforming Oz in mail-in and absentee votes.

A statement made by Oz’s campaign manager, Casey Contres, said, “the McCormick legal team is following the Democrats’ playbook” and it “will oppose the McCormick legal team’s request that election boards ignore both Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court and state election law and accept legally rejected ballots.”

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    • Agree however look at this moron McCormick sounds like a moron Democrat & even more like a RINO..Ballots with no date cannot be counted‼️ Why is there no date on the Ballots? Someone get Dinesh DeSousa to Pennsylvania stat‼️

  1. Oh JB that’s a bad stupid tweet about Oz because Oz needs to win and I pray to God that he will. And don’t allow all these illegal ballots go in for McCormick because he will not do a good job for us period.

  2. The fact that OZ is calling this out as fraud and McCormick is the one trying to steal this election by counting legally invalid votes; well that just Speaks Volumes on who needs to win this race.

  3. No dates on ballots no problem we don’t have any laws anymore.
    They shouldn’t be counted no matter who’s running period!!!!

  4. Notice how politicians will bend the rules in their favor to win no matter what ‼️McCormick sounds like a Democrat moron & a complete RINO ..IF THE MAIL IN BALLOTS ARE NOT DATED THE BALLOTS SHOULD NOT BE COUNTED‼️‼️ Anybody remember 2020 Election ⁉️ This is not brain surgery.. At this point I would not vote either one Oz or MCCormick👎👎

  5. Can say I trust Mccormick because I haven’t heard much about him,, but I definitely don’t trust oz. Listening to some of his statements tells me he is a libtard rino


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