REPORT: MD House Passes Bill Requiring Gender-Affirming Care Under Medicaid

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Maryland’s House of Delegates passed a bill on Saturday that would expand the state’s Medicaid program to cover gender-affirming procedures for transgender, intersex, nonbinary, two-spirit and all other gender-diverse people.

The Trans Health Equity Act, HB0283, would play an important role in ensuring that low-income transgender Maryland residents on Medicaid can have access to hormone therapy, puberty blockers, hair alterations, surgeries on the face and other parts of the body along with several other gender-affirming procedures that are often covered by private insurance.

According to data from the Williams Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles, 24,000 Maryland residents are transgender, and 6,000 are enrolled in Medicaid. In 2022, 98 transgender Maryland residents got gender-affirming care through Medicaid.

However, the state’s Medicaid program currently only covers some gender-affirming procedures, such as hormone replacement therapy, gender reassignment surgery for patients 18 and older who meet specific qualifications, and mental health services.

The bill passed in the House with a final vote count of 93-37.

Several Democrats spoke about the bill during the committee meetings.

Anne Kaiser, who sponsored the bill, said, “We don’t have representation in this House by anyone in the trans community. So myself and, my 59 co-sponsors we are your voice. We are your representation.”

“We recognize that what is being said nationally … about trans people are the same lies that were said about gays and lesbians 20 years ago, and that’s part of the reason I feel the passion and the connection to our trans brothers and sisters, our neighbors, our community,” she added.

On Friday, an amendment to the bill that would prevent qualifying individuals under 18 from being provided gender-affirming care was proposed by House Republicans.

Delegate Mark Fisher, the Republican who proposed the amendment, said, “This is not about health. This is about male-to-female transition and female-to-male transition of children.”

Unfortunately, Fisher’s proposed amendment failed by 90-37.

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  1. Do you ever wonder if local and National governments do this kind of thing to “rid certain people” of our world?! I mean, we all know they go through depression and/or suicidal thoughts. Instead of the government participating in due diligence to formulate real help groups and real counseling, they send them off to the butcher shop and never look back.

    IF they make it out of the butcher shop months or years later, and then speak of what a horrible experience it was and what a mistake it was, the governments turn a blind eye to it. Like Covid, sounds like a “population control” tactic to me.

  2. So now low income people are qualified for gender transformation. What kind of sick fucking joke is this, and why should taxpayers pick up the tab for this unnecessary surgery. If they cannot pay their bills, they aren’t eligible to change their gender. This is the biggest bunch of garbage I have ever heard. Only under the despicable POS maggot joe biden, right? Sick bastard joe needs a brain transplant. He would probably stick that on the taxpayer also. But a brain transplant is already out of the question for him. His brain is already up his anal canal. maryland, you suck a big one.

  3. This makes it easier for the fact that these states that pass these unbelievable bills are simply showcasing their stance. So it’s simple, to know that these are the states that you don’t want to associate with or live in. Let them live out their own demise of being a substantial state. They will dig their own hole.

  4. Typical Democrat, always preys on the most poorest, vulnerable, and weakest victims! Not one single person, “with morals”, would suggest to a child or teen, that it’s ok to go out and mutilate oneself!
    Pure destruction!

  5. Well at least people know which states to stay away from, I do not want MY state dollars to go to that crap, I want MY state to take respectable care of our veterans and to help those homeless people who actually need the help !


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