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CBS News, the Associated Press (AP), the Washington Post, and various other media outlets have been taking serious heat on social media for labeling the horrific attack in Waukesha, Wisconsin, a “parade crash.”

On Sunday, suspect Darrell E. Brooks Jr. allegedly plowed an SUV into crowds of people attending the Waukesha Christmas parade, killing six people, including one child, and wounding at least 62 others. According to authorities, Brooks’ alleged act was “intentional” and occurred shortly after a domestic disturbance incident. Police were not in pursuit of the suspect at the time of the alleged attack, contrary to early reports.

The article goes on to state the following:

Despite all of those facts, CBS News decided to label the incident a “parade crash” when covering Brooks’ Tuesday court appearance where he was charged with five counts of first-degree intentional homicide.

CNN, ABC News, Sky News, The Hill, and NPR were also among the long list of outlets that referred to the deadly attack as a “parade crash.”

Social media users were quick to point out the double standard, noting that the headlines and coverage would be very different if the attacker was a white man that ran down a crowd of minorities.

“If the races were reversed, do you have any question that this would be reported as an assumed terrorist attack by a white supremacist perpetrating a hate crime?” podcaster Eric Weinstein asked. “Not only do I have no doubt, I also know that you have no doubt. We’re in monstrous territory. Our media as monster.”

““Deadly parade crash” makes me think of the Elmo balloon getting loose in New York,” Twitter user Comfortably Smug wrote. “Not an act of domestic terrorism carried out by a felon release by a Soros DA.”

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  1. May all these soulless, degenerate stations & individuals not find themselves in a “parade crash”. Journalism is no longer an occupation of pride & it is never going to recover. I pray, in the end, it was worth them selling themselves to the devils…& they don’t find themselves as the Brown Shirts did…

  2. Sounds like bunch of anti American, anti Christian, anti truth main stream media. And you thought cnn was bad. No news outlet can or will tell the truth

  3. When are we as the American people going to stop tuning in to any of these unethical, propaganda media outlets!
    We need to stop supporting them & their lies, spin & omissions by boycotting them all together.

  4. You called Kyle a vigilante, a white supremacist, racist!! But this guy plows through a parade fleeing another assault and kills 6 ppl! He assaulted his girlfriend a week prior and some moron released him on 1000. Bond, and you want to call it a “ parade crash”? No call it what it is! AN INTENTIONAL HOMICIDE ! He hates Whites,Gays, Jews, police and idolizes Hitler!! Call him a homicidal racist!! See how that floats!

  5. It was a White hating INTENTIONAL VEHICULAR MANSLAUGHTER! We need to give ” positive disapline” punishment! His death sentance punishment should be being run over back and forth !


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