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The White House has been working with major news outlets “behind the scenes” to “reshape coverage” on the economic crisis, according to CNN.

The administration has been “briefing major newsrooms over the past week” while “discussing with newsrooms trends pertaining to job creation, economic growth, supply chains, and more,” CNN reports, citing an anonymous source.

The article goes on to state the following:

The administration has argued that “the country’s economy is in much better shape than it was last year.” CNN reported the conversations have “been productive, with anchors and reporters and producers getting to talk with the officials.”

The report follows a claim from Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank, who wrote, “My colleagues in the media are serving as accessories to the murder of democracy” due to “unrelenting negative” coverage.

“After a honeymoon of slightly positive coverage in the first three months of the year, Biden’s press for the past four months has been as bad as – and for a time worse than – the coverage Trump received for the same four months of 2020.”

“Sure, Biden has had his troubles, with the delta variant, Afghanistan and inflation,” she continued. “But the economy is rebounding impressively, he has signed major legislation, and he has restored some measure of decency, calm and respect for democratic institutions.”

Biden’s approval rating fell to 36.3%, with more than half of registered voters strongly disapproving of his job, according to the results of a poll conducted from Nov. 26 to Nov. 29 by Republican-leaning Trafalgar Group and Convention of States.

UPDATE: Biden’s approval rating plummets AGAIN in new poll

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  1. Imagine that! Wag the dog much? Biden doesn’t deserve any good press!l because he hasn’t done anything good or of any value to Americans! He’s an senile dictator and has no business running our country! FJB!!!

  2. Who cares They are not getting any new viewers
    By now even half of the dumbed down programmed have left them
    Helping Biden stop their food by the lying stories they tell Doesn’t endure you to anyone except the evil people like you

  3. They can spin it any way they like but numbers don’t lie! Reality hits everyone at the gas pump, grocery store, job numbers. GDP etc.
    I think they call it putting lipstick on a pig! Only stupid people will believe MSM!

  4. Even the media cannot put a good spin on the debacle in Afghanistan. The media can try to tell us inflation is a good thing, but few people are stupid enough to really believe it. The media is hiding the children in cages at the border and Hunter’s emails and the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, but its blackout tactics aren’t working any more. The media is utterly in Biden’s corner but it will take more than smelling salts to revive the bum.

  5. Trump took on the media and their lies, biden is demanding they lie for him lol what a joke ..we already know the media is an ass kisser

  6. An old saying I remember hearing was “All lawyers were going to hell”, I think we can add “ All lawyers and msm are going to hell”.

  7. We see that shit show every day. The mainstream media can’t hide it. Biden is only an empty hull. Psaki herself said that in a glib moment: “I will leave space to the President to answer….!” lol. Everybody else is in charge, but not Joe Biden!

  8. Time to wipe out the socialist party or lose your country. Stand up or shut up and watch your kids and grandkids live in China that is what will happen . Up to you all.

  9. When does a president have the right to tell the media what they can and can’t report on…..oh ya russia, china, and every other communist country

  10. So a bunch of rich reporters are going to spin things to make Biden look good. Trouble is the people feel the pain when they buy or pay for anything so it’s pointiess. They must all think because they say it we believe it.

  11. Oh poor poor senile Biden! Hell, he does well to even know who he is or where he is & that’s been PROVEN!!! And the press gave President Trump the HARD questions but yet ole man Joe the baby easy ones!!! At least Trump was able to handle the press & their questions & he did a damn good job of standing up to them & all their crap they put him thru. Biden can’t say his name without seeing it on a teleprompter….. Come on man we know that Trump was the ‘MAGA ‘ great one! Can’t wait till midterms

  12. OMG!! Shut the hell up!! YOU WANT THE LYING NEWS OUTLETS TO LIE EVEN MORE! Stop bitching about Bidens press treatment! He’s coddled, no hard questions, you can’t even compare to the stuff they did to trump!

  13. Sure. Obiden & his minions are strategizing with the fake news media as to how they can keep lying about everything. The house of cards is falling and they need to shore it up with more BS lies.


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