REPORT: Melania Trump stone-faced arriving in New York ahead of Don’s indictment

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Melania Trump was spotted looking unbothered at Trump Tower in New York City shortly before Donald Trump was indicted on multiple charges related to the alleged mishandling of federal documents at his Mar-a-Lago hideaway.

The former First Lady, 53, hid her expression behind black sunglasses and clutched a Chanel handbag as she stepped into her New York residence on Thursday afternoon.

Just a few hours later, Donald Trump, 76, announced on Truth Social that he was indicted on seven charges, including some under the Espionage Act.

“The corrupt Biden Administration has informed my attorneys that I have been Indicted, seemingly over the Boxes Hoax,” the former president wrote.

“It does have some language in it that suggests what the seven charges would be. Not 100% clear that all of those are separate charges, but they basically break out from an Espionage Act charge,” Trump’s lawyer, Jim Trusty, said.

Melania has not commented on Trump’s second indictment, which could lead to a maximum 75-year prison sentence if he were convicted on all counts.

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