REPORT: Migrants on Texas-to-NYC bus threaten to CALL COPS on DRIVER

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Immigrants on a Texas bus bound for the Big Apple — which was supposed to go to several cities along the way to let passengers off — threatened to call cops when the driver said they wouldn’t be stopping in Tennessee, The Post has learned.

The Post was in Del Rio, Texas, Friday morning as immigrants boarded the bus which was supposed to stop in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Washington, D.C., before arriving at its final destination in New York City.

The article goes on to state the following:

About 40 immigrants, a majority of the passengers, were supposed to get off in Chattanooga, they said.

On Saturday morning, the bus driver said the bus would not be stopping in Chattanooga, apparently to avoid possible trouble with law enforcement. The report notes that on Thursday, authorities in Georgia intercepted a different bus headed from Texas to DC. The Georgia authorities said they were going to arrest those on board, some of the immigrants told the Post. According to Fox News, the Dade County, Georgia, sheriff told the people on the bus to leave his county.

After the Texas to New York bus driver announced that the bus would not stop in Chattanooga, passengers became upset. Some had planned to meet family there, and others had travel arrangements that depended on the Chattanooga stop.

Some of the asylum-seekers insisted on making the Tennessee stop, and even called police, another passenger reported.

In the end, the bus did make the Chattanooga stop, arriving at a park where law-enforcement stayed with the passengers until they could arrange rides, according to one of the asylum-seekers.

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  1. Why tf are we pandering to ILLEGALS?
    Did they change the definition of ILLEGAL, this makes no sense at all. What is going on

    • In a Communist Regime they change the meaning of everything. It’s illegal now for you to say anything about them being illegals in this country see how that works? Look at a 1930s Webster dictionary and then look at one written in the last 10 years and you’ll see example after example after example and who owns the printing press?

  2. Wow and who cares if they didn’t get their way. We didn’t get what we wanted and that was to stay in their own country

  3. Well,them being illegal and all wouldn’t that be like a robber calling the police because the bank teller wouldn’t open the safe???? This is a VERY strange time we live in !! Can you see Mexico stopping a police car because an American illegal demanded it? You have to give these illegals credit, they have brass on their faces!!

    • They are taking all our money! Our hard earned Tax money to pay for their full way of living! Does that click in anyone’s brain? The S.S. they never paid into. Hello, anyone listening? Free Medical, free food, free higher education (college), free housing & phones. Hello, can anyone hear? Something is not right. It’s time we Make America Great Again. This has to stop! We are like stuffed sausage in our towns. Crowded with many non English speakers. What is the official language now? Granddaughters class has 37 kids in 4th grade! Hello, anyone hearing out there????? China is an adversary. Can we expect them now?

  4. This is so messed up! Who do they think is paying their stupid way into our states? Tax payers that’s who and I am damn sick of it! I don’t understand why our government doesn’t have to follow the laws they pick and choose and give us the middle finger. This country is ready to revolt, I can feel it.

  5. What is so disgusting, is that being here illegally, they can call the cops if they don’t get to go where they choose. WTf is wrong with this picture? They can’t all stay in Texas & Arizona. There is not enough room, facilities or money for them all. However, Georgia tells them to get the Hell out of their country? What? The Blue State doesn’t want them, N.Y. doesn’t want them & Washington needs the National Guard for a few bus loads? For the sake of clearing up questions, Why Not? This is what their President ordered for America. Take on your fair share & reap what you sowed. Dam fools wanted a developing world to cripple us just after a downed economy & COVID Pandemic shutdown & so now get your bus loads & shut the hell up about it!

  6. If things are so bad in your country of origin, why the hell don’t stay in there and do what you need to do to fix it. You illegals are real patriot’s to your country of origin (Not).

  7. I agree with the random citizens sentiments. Where is a founding father now that we need them ? They had courage but todays men are whipped. This shit will not stop till the majority of women in this country quit voting for these insane democrats.

  8. Abbot needs to stop asking people to go and just put them on the busses and send them to the sanctuary cities on the east and west coasts and anywhere in between that have bragged about sanctuary and open arms to the illegals invading our country! The progressives all need to be inundated with illegals to get a taste of their own pompous laws! They all talk big but won’t back it up!

  9. This invasion must be stopped anyway possible! Send messages if they pay the coyotes to get here it won’t matter because they won’t get to America! No jobs no freebies , nothing! They will be on their own with no help when they get to Mexico!


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