REPORT: Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton duet nixed from school concert for being ‘controversial’

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A Wisconsin elementary school is buzzing in the news after nixing students’ performance of Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton’s duet “Rainbowland” from its spring concert after an administrator deemed the song inappropriate for school.

Waukesha-area Heyer Elementary School received backlash after first grade students, who had planned and rehearsed the song to perform among a setlist of songs at an upcoming concert, came home disappointed that the song had been cut.

The Los Angeles Times reported that one parent’s daughter came home, excited to show her mom all the songs she and her classmates had prepared to perform at the show and “Rainbowland” was among them.

Fox6 News Milwaukee spoke with Sarah Schindler, whose daughter was excited a bout the upcoming concert, then disappointed when the school later nixed the song, “Rainbowland,” saying it could potentially be deemed controversial.

The school also banned Kermit the Frog’s “Rainbow Connection,” a popular song from “The Muppet Movie.”

Some parents are saying the new conservative school board is taking things too far, as they are fearing that any references to rainbows could indicate support for the LGBTQ+ agenda.

Cyrus and Parton have both reportedly stated that their song isn’t about the LGBTQ+ community, but only about everyone being kind to each other.


Below is an audio recording of the song:

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    • I agree. I have several pieces of rainbow sapphire jewelry that I won’t wear anymore because I don’t want to support their agenda.

  1. Dolly is one of the most Christian, God fearing, stars out there. Listen to the song people. So sad that if you mention rainbow the first thing people think today is that you are promoting lgbtq. It’s God’s rainbow and He wants it back. Dolly is singing about being in a world that we all care about each other, in God’s world.

    • Wake up! Dolly has always had roofers of being in the closet!! Christian? Not! It’s a money making cover up for her! Miley is the most LBTQUXYZ supporter out there!
      The rainbow 🌈 is about one thing now and we all know what that is! Ruined forever!!

  2. Miley Cyrus is a pig anyhow. She can’t appear anywhere without being dressed like a slut, and she sticks that tongue out 6 inches. She thinks she’s sexy? She’s disgusting.

  3. And this is why all this stuff has come to pass…..ignorance. Too many ignorant parents that don’t do any kind of critical thinking apparently. The lyrics tell you it’s about the Alphabet lifestyle…..’free to be you….ignore the critics’. You just can’t fix stupid.

  4. That’s no doubt Gods and mother nature’s 🌈 rainbow and it sadly has been misinterpreted by evil politics. If teachers get in there and teach this , maybe there’s hope . I love the rainbow because it’s divine and such beautiful colors. . Studying rainbows in Weather ☔️ Sun ☀️ and all the colors 🌈 in white light is fascinating. And stop all the political bs , CRT and Gay pride, drag queens in schools.

  5. miley cyrus is a pig. In some of her former concerts, her bumping and grinding showing it all is unacceptable. She truly is a pig and a slut.

  6. It isn’t the LGBQ community that killed the rainbow, it’s all the OTHER letters tacked on in the past few years that sullied something beautiful & from G-d Himself into something people align with or against with such determination.
    The whole world is a mess now.
    They even ruined Kermit’s Rainbow song!

  7. Well, because the gay community have hijacked the rainbow and after reading the lyrics to the song, it certainly can be construed as support for the gay community. “Where you can be exactly who you are.” It’s not about the word “rainbow” and then the article tries to blame it on the conservative school board when in fact it was parents

  8. God’s Rainbow – a symbol of hope and renewal for centuries and now….

    One more thing the filthy LGBTQ perversion has well perverted!


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