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Marine Corps commanders across different commands are using the same form letter to deny religious accommodation requests for the coronavirus vaccine, despite a legal requirement to consider each request on an individual basis, according to more than a dozen denial letters viewed by Breitbart News.

The use of the same form letter suggests blanket denials across the service regardless of individual circumstances and testimony, according to one lawyer assisting hundreds of service members seeking religious exemptions.

The article goes on to state the following:

“They’re all identical, every single one of them. It’s evidence that they’re not evaluating them on an individual basis, which is what the regulations and federal law require, and it’s like somebody just issued a template, and they’re just rubber-stamping them,” said Mike Berry, general counsel for First Liberty and Marine reservist.

The report explains that Marine Corps policy clearly states, “Each request for religious accommodation must be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, giving consideration to the full range of facts and circumstances relevant to the specific request. It is essential that commanders articulate the factual basis underlying their decision.”

However, each denial letter is reportedly the same.

Marine Request by Breitbart News

Marine Request and Denial 2 by Breitbart News

The “rubber-stamp” method is allegedly being applied by the U.S. Navy as well, and a Navy spokesperson told Breitbart no religious exemption requests have yet been approved.

“To date, multiple religious accommodation requests related to the COVID vaccine mandate have been adjudicated and none have yet been approved,” a Navy spokesman said in a statement, adding, “In the past seven years, no religious exemption from vaccination waivers were approved for any other vaccine.”

Last week, Liz Wheeler shared the following in a series of Twitter posts:

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  1. They are gutting the military and police. Once enough police leave they can replace local law enforcement with a federalized police force which the government can control and turn on the people to further their objective. They are intentionally destroying every aspect of life in order to build back communism on a smaller world population with one world government. Nothing can stop what is coming. The ride is getting bumpy.

  2. Biden working on having China forces in the streets of America. I heard out of his own mouth he was going to have China policing out streets. Lock and load.


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