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FIRST ON FOX: Jennifer Carnihan, widow of the late Rep. Jim Hagedorn, R-Minn., and former chair of the state’s Republican Party, responded after the Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor Party (MN DFL) attacked her on the very first day of her candidacy. The party highlighted a sex trafficking scandal involving a former donor and workplace claims against Carnahan, who condemned what she claimed was a “double standard” against her.

“The MN DFL is clearly concerned about my candidacy, given my strong support in southern Minnesota,” Carnahan said in a Tuesday statement first released to Fox News Digital following her campaign announcement and the Democratic attack Monday. “My husband made history in 2018 when he flipped a US House seat from blue to red; and under my tenure we grew our party, retired $1 million in debt, flipped three US House seats from blue to red and turned Minnesota into a national battleground state for the 2020 Presidential election. I’m proud of the great successes we had in Minnesota during my chairmanship.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Carnahan claimed that the Democrats singled her out because she contradicts their identity politics narrative.

“As an adopted Korean, minority woman with a strong conservative record, I undermine the identity politics Democrats have come to rely upon,” Carnahan said. “Everything they say women and minorities are disadvantaged in doing, I have done. Through my experiences, and truly because of them, I remain an ardent conservative and proud supporter of President Donald J. Trump.”

DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released a statement condemning Carnahan just hours after she announced her candidacy.

“It was not long ago that Jennifer Carnahan had to resign in disgrace as Chairwoman of the Minnesota Republican Party after her complete and total mismanagement of the organization became public,” Martin said.

“First, a political ally and close friend of Carnahan’s was indicted for child sex trafficking,” he continued. “Then, four of Carnahan’s former executive directors accused her of fostering a toxic work environment, other staffers accused Carnahan of turning a blind eye to sexual harassment, and yet another staffer said she was outed against her wishes by Carnahan and subsequently harassed.”

“A donor did some bad things which I condemned immediately,” Carnahan told Fox News, responding to Martin’s claims. “The question no one seems to ask is why I was singled out, despite other candidates, organizations, and national leaders from Minnesota also having accepted thousands of dollars of his contributions. There is clearly a double standard at play here. It’s time to move on.”

“During my tenure as chair there were two sexual harassment reports made,” she continued. “We took those reports seriously, investigated and terminated two employees within days. As a woman who has been sexually harassed myself, I would never tolerate this behavior. To insinuate otherwise is completely wrong.”

“The left has tried to cancel me before, but I will never be canceled,” Carnahan declared. “I will not be intimidated by them, or any in the Republican establishment guilty of the same.”

“I will never accept the double-standards or guilt-by-association they are so desperately attempting to attack me with. Voters can already see through their desperate attempts, but I will never stop fighting to preserve my husband’s legacy,” she added.

Carnahan announced Monday that she will run in the special election for her late husband’s seat in the House of Representatives to represent Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District.

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  1. Fight those SOBs. They had no trouble helping the Usurper steal the presidency despite the credible sexual assault claim lodged against him. And as for the hostile workplace allegations, isn’t that the same reason Kamaltoe’s staffers cite when quitting her?


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