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Minnesota Republicans slammed Gov. Tim Walz, a Democrat, for seeming to condemn law enforcement for the death of 20-year-old Daunte Wright before the authorities finish their investigation.

“I am closely monitoring the situation in Brooklyn Center. Gwen and I are praying for Daunte Wright’s family as our state mourns another life of a Black man taken by law enforcement,” Walz wrote on Twitter on Sunday night.

The article goes on to state the following:

The Minnesota GOP accused Walz of “perpetuating a narrative of an unknown situation.”

According to Fox News, the Minnesota GOP said, “A Governor’s responsibility is minimize turmoil, not fan the flames in challenging time. We pray for the family and friends of Daunte Wright, and hope for a expediency in the investigation process. For a Governor to lead by casting blame and perpetuating a narrative of an unknown situation is not only irresponsible, it’s conduct unbecoming a Governor. We call on Governor Tim Walz to censure himself if he is not able to practice the discipline needed to lead our state in a way that helps us move forward together.”

The Saint Paul Republicans of Minnesota tweeted, “Governor, your words fuel fire for protesters. You of all people should know to wait until the [Department of Public Safety Bureau of Criminal Apprehension] finish their investigation. In your tweet, you should have stopped after the words, ‘praying for Daunte Wright’s family.’ Everything after that was inappropriate.”

The mayor of Brooklyn Center, Mike Elliot, released a similar statement to the governors on Monday, and even posted a clip making a statement on the incident. The mayor encouraged protesters to continue gathering ‘peacefully.’

“Our entire community is filled with grief following today’s officer-involved shooting of Daunte Wright, a 20 year old young man. Our hearts are with his family, and with all those in our community impacted by this tragedy,” Elliott said. “While we await additional information from the BCA [Bureau of Criminal Apprehension] who is leading the investigation, we continue to ask that members of our community gathering do so peacefully, amid our calls for transparency and accountability.”

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  1. Oh the poor people that needed new stuff like sneakers and TVs and whatever found a good reason to riot last night in Minneapolis. Wright had a warrant for his arrest. Why did he fight it? I guess the city will now give his parents millions of dollars instead of putting the blame where it should be with someone fighting an arrest. I don’t care if they’re black white yellow bronze if you have a warrant for your arrest stop fighting it.

  2. I am listening to the gov and mayor….I am sickened….they are NOT blaming the real person who allowed this to happen…the victim.
    why did he resist arrest….yes the officer, by accident, pulled her gun not her tazer…but if he did not restist and try to get away this accideng would not have happened. She did not do this on purpose….
    I don t understand why he resisted…can anyone explain this….they make it sound like he was inoccent….He was NOT. he had warrants…..HE SHOULD NOT HAVE RESISTED AND TRY TO GET AWAY.
    Common Sense… Think about it…
    it was an accident…unlike the police who get shot chasing down criminals…ir sitting in their patrol car….or just trying to keep the peace….
    NO ….we have to address tbe criminals RESISTING THE POLICE WHEN THEY ARE CAUGHT!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I thought the same thing when I read the article, he passed judgement pretty fast on that officer. Cops should be taking names and NOT responding to any calls from these people, let the accusers figure out how to protect themselves.

  4. Remember when city leaders used to try to de-escalate tensions ratherthan stoke them? That was because they actually cared about their cities.


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