REPORT: Mom challenges state law requiring tampons in boy’s bathrooms

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An Oregon mom is challenging a state law requiring schools to provide free tampons in all bathrooms, including men’s.

The Oregon legislature passed the Menstrual Dignity Act in August 2021, which required schools to ramp up the supply of tampons for students in stages. Schools were first required to provide free tampons in any two bathrooms of their choosing by the end of the 2021-2022 school year, but they will be required to provide the products in all bathrooms regardless of gender by 2023, according to Oregon Live.

The article goes on to state the following:

Mother and Eagle Point School District board member Cherylene Stritenberg petitioned the Oregon Department of Education to roll back the law, arguing it wastes school funding.

The law easily passed through the state legislature with bipartisan support.

Oregon state Rep. Ricki Ruiz, a Democrat said of the bill, “As we know, there’s a lot of our youth who don’t identify as female or male or are transitioning genders, we wanted to respect that and make sure we provide these resources in all restrooms for folks who may be struggling to transition to a different restroom.”

The legislation will cost the state roughly $5.6 million out of its $9.3 billion education budget.

Steinberg’s petition argues that it’s a waste of the state’s money to provide tampons specifically in the boy’s bathroom, calling it a “misuse” of funds.

The petition comes at a time during a push from parents against Democratic attempts to impose transgender policies on the education system.

Fight for Schools, a conservative parent advocacy group is accusing the Biden administration of holding federal school lunch “hostage” in order to leverage gender identity into school policy.

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    • Good question…🤔
      I never thought I’d live to see the day we have adults putting tampons in the boys bathroom.
      These people are insane.

  1. Menstrual equity?
    Period poverty?
    What does that have to do with putting female products in boys bathrooms? These people are retarded.

  2. Imagine that…back in the dark ages, we put tampons in our purses…and my family was poor….but made sure my hygiene needs were met. I guess it depends on whether you think the newest phone or game system is more important than your child’s needs.

  3. Give them to the furries that have litter boxes in the bathrooms. Beyond stupidity!
    I can just imagine what other countries think of America!!!!!

  4. Wow wanna talk about some stupid people. These people that are running the schools are absolutely idiots. Are the male teachers going to demonstrate to the boys on how to wear a tampon? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. What’s next – jock itch spray in all bathrooms?
    These already transitioned adults are now regretting their surgeries but these governmental idiots are just skipping along and giving into these immature teenagers who are not even adults who make decisions that they are NOT capable of making.
    Ladies and gentlemen — it’s TIME TO START ADULTING!! It’s ok to say No!!


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