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Moments before Minnesota police arrested Julissa Thaler, 28, in the death of her 6-year-old son Eli Hart, officers found blood in her car but drove her home without further incident.

Her excuse: the blood was from a tampon and the flesh found on her body and in the seats was from a deer she picked up from a butcher, new documents show, FOX 9 of Minneapolis reported.

The article goes on to state the following:

In the new documents, Orono police officers said they located Thaler’s car after they were initially notified about a car with a smashed window driving on a flat tire.

During the traffic stop, officers spotted what they perceived as blood on Thaler as well as what appeared to be bits of flesh in the car.

According to documents, officers did not detain her even after noticing shell casings and a bullet hole in the car; they drove her home.

The officers that remained on the scene then located the boy’s body in the trunk laying beside a shotgun; Thaler was charged with second-degree murder.

The autopsy revealed Eli’s body was shot nine times including his head.


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  1. DML if you read these comments I would love you to have somebody dig deep deep into the story I’m from the town with that woman did this to her child and it’s horrible child protection gave that child back to this woman and there was multiple red flags that she shouldn’t of had him .
    The court system has failed horribly bad here they should be held accountable for not doing their jobs properly.

    • His father was fighting for custody, and the courts gave him back to a proven monster. The court should be charged.


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