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A group of “mostly” single male border crossers, along with some single women, were bussed into four Louisiana cities after being released by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), local media reports.

According to WAFB 9 News, border crossers were bussed to Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Natchez, and Monroe, Louisiana, after they were released by DHS thanks to the Biden administration’s expansive catch and release policy.

The article goes on to state the following:

Local officials, WAFB reports, were not notified ahead of time.

Sen. Bill Cassiday (R-La.) is furious, and spoke out in a Fox News interview this week. Watch below:

“You cannot imagine a worse immigration policy than what we’ve seen in the last six months from the Biden administration. ICE dropping off migrants with no plan and little notice to local officials should not be “common practice,”” Cassidy tweeted.

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  1. We have a right to know what is going on in this country. WE pay those who are in office. THEY work for US. Are they using these secretive moves to increase covid numbers? We know that many who cross the border are testing positive. How irresponsible of the government to infiltrate our country with covid positive people and then try to impose more restrictions on the Americans who have lived here for generations.

  2. Did he say a 900% increase in covid cases coming across the border? Is the biden administration there to jab everyone like he’s trying to do to Americans?? He has no right to open his lying mouth about unvaxxed Americans. This is utter BS. How many stupid people live in America?

  3. This is Joe spreading covid everywhere and blaming it on the unvaxed.He says nothing about the illegals.He is losing the battle for voter ID so he is spreading covid around for an excuse to shut the country down and get everybody scared so he can have another cheating election!!How do we not that these people are not terroist?Could he and Obama be spreading terrorist around America to help with there takeover to communist?You know when Trump was president we had covid numbers on the tv 24 hours a day 7 days a week you don’t see that anymore they won’t even tell you how many are infected in our government.Oh Jen said why do you want to know?remember when the runways from Texas came down with covid oh Harris ran to the hospital on a Sunday.I would say either the vaccines don’t work or what I really think is Harris did not get the vaccine!!!The Whitehouse is hiding something we the people want the number of people who are infected Jen!!!!

  4. Meet your new neighbors! I’ve never heard O’biden once mention the risks of Covid and illegals let alone the crime that’s coming in with it

    • I never go to any American church that helps any of these illegals. Hell none of these church’s help the American homeless.

      • Your right .
        Most churches dropped the ball.
        Especially when the problem got bigger than weekly collection plates could handle.
        Not all are Catholic with the wealth of the Vatican behind them.
        As it happens Pastor Jack Hibbs of Chino Hills California is calling for churches to get back in track and let their good officials focus on preparing preparing and healing their states while the Church…Gods people focus on the people. You might listen to his last Here&Now msg online for his words on the subject. Not all men of God are apostates and gone the way of this fallen world. But I will admit you kind of have to look for them.

  5. Obidens tyranny is despicable and he is destroying our country! I agree with the comments. We need to make our voices heard somehow. If this continues we will not have a country left. These invaders will be everywhere, bringing sickness & drugs & gangs in with them.

    • You are so right. But no one cares. All the illegals need to be dumped at every Biden voter house and dumped at the WH and the VP house.

  6. Illegal aliens are not being tested for COVID-19. They are being dumped like gravel all over our nation and spreading COVID. This is the primary reason we can’t get a hold on lowering COVID; senile Biden blames Americans but he is the dumb f*ck responsible for our lingering pandemic.

  7. Time to STOP paying them yet?
    Why do we pay taxes a anyway?
    Apparently they have a printing press working 24/7.
    As for Louisiana…crime assaults and rapes about to go thru the roof!
    I’d happily welcome real immigrants from Cuba everyday rather than the rotten criminal terrorist plague carrying scum being foisted on us by the southern invasion. Women children grains of sand by comparison. Most of those just used and abused. Young to middle aged men in droves from around the world. Like cancer waiting to take us down from the inside.
    When we were warned no one listened.

  8. Just what we need is a bunch of illegals in Shreveport. We already have a violent crime problem.
    Hopefully, the sheriff will lock them down before they cause too much of a problem.
    Personally, they need to be shot as an invading force.


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