REPORT: MSNBC, The View go off on Republicans, call for 2nd Amendment repeal

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In the aftermath of the Uvalde, Texas school shooting, MSNBC and ABC’s “The View” used the tragedy to tear into Republicans and propose drastic gun reform measures, some of which included outright removing guns from civilian hands.

Talking with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, documentary director Michael Moore asked if anyone on the network, or any other network for that matter, would say it is time to repeal the Second Amendment.

The article goes on to state the following:

Moore added that America does not need “sensible” gun laws, but rather the “hardcore stuff” in order to protect families and children. He also floated the idea of a moratorium on gun sales.

“It is time to repeal the Second Amendment,” Moore declared.  He also suggester there should be a moratorium on gun sales.

Moore has doubled down on Twitter, in a tirade of fiery posts.

“Finally, let’s not forget the real issue: Every day in America there is an average of one mass shooting. This will not end. This is who we are. We love our 2nd Amendment more than we love our children — and we won’t admit it. 3 days later and we still haven’t taken to the streets,” he wrote.

“We can change. 70% of us do NOT own a gun. WE ARE THE MAJORITY! Just 77yrs ago the Germans massacred millions. Now they’re the most peaceful ppl on Earth. Same for the Japanese. But 1st we have to admit who we are. An armed nation founded in genocide, built on the backs of slaves,” Moore claimed.

Talk show host Joe Pags tweeted, “Michael Moore who has enjoyed the safety of good guys with guns on his movie sets, demands an end to the 2nd Amendment for the rest of us. This is how disconnected from reality a guy like this is.”

The report also quotes former DNC chair and MSNBC contributor Howard Dean as calling for legislation to “limit or eliminate” the sale of “assault weapons” for Americans that are not a part of the military or law enforcement.

The ABC’s The View, co-host Whoopie Goldberg raged, “Okay you can have your gun. But you can’t have your AR-15. If you’re gonna get all in my business can and cannot do, neither can you. They’re gonna come for those AR-15’s and you better be ready to give them up, because this is America.”

Goldberg also declared, “I swear to god if I see another Republican senator talk about their heart being broken, I’ma go punch somebody.”

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  1. Whoopi pie you are a ignorant fool and the rest of you corrupt clowns blaming republicans are disgusting. It’s not what political party your from, what color you are it’s about mental illness so stop your non stop false narrative. It actually shows your ignorant bias and hey whoppi pie from a conservative my thoughts and prayers to all the families. For you to use this to display your racist disgusting hateful comments shows how shallow you really are along with the other corrupt media trolls

  2. She and Moore are complete morons. I pray for Uvalde! Now come at me Whoopie! I will ruin you and take half your worth. Dumbshit.

  3. Why does the View exist ? I have never seen a group of more ignorant b*tches in my life, as from Michael Moore go f**k yourself you fat smelly piece of sh*t “the bullet” wasn’t invented until 1830 go do your homework you ignorant slob, go back to 1776 + with muskets & black powder, they shot a single projectile (AKA Bullet) you ignorant f**k !! With your ignorance about FIREARMS and Guns, you shouldn’t even say a f**king word to anybody on that topic you lard a$$ POS !

  4. Ok witches / bitches of the view. The REAL problem is when it comes to democratic run states it’s okay to sit back & watch all the ‘violence’ that’s been not only ‘ignored’ but it’s been like this for as long as the illegitimate senile old man has been the puppet of the ‘left’. And it’s YOUR dems that are okay with decent citizens getting shot & killed but only if it’s a Republican! You people make me 🤮 but watch that ‘red wave’ coming soon to you by midterms do put that in your pipe & smoke it the witches of the view. No wonder people want your pathetic show canceled because you’re just a part of the problem & your show sux

  5. Ok. Lets start with removing any weapons within a 50 mile radius of hollyweird. If it makes them safer after a year we can enlarge the circle !!!

    I think that idea is working splendidly in Chicago!

  6. Whoopi, Michael Moore and the rest of the View can go pound sand!! Not going to happen, so quit talking about it!!

  7. Guess they don’t research before they open their mouth. The first 10 articles of the Constitution along with the Bill of Rights were ratified. You can’t repeal it only amend it and good luck with that one. It takes up to 20 years to make it happen because of what you have to go though. That’s why it’s taking so long for the Convention of the States. It takes 2/3rds of the states to agree to it. With the Constitution you need the same along with 2/3rds of both houses and the Senate. Most of the Dems would never live to see it happen.

  8. Never in a million years will you remove all guns,not a well thought out idea, for starters,if you take guns away from law abiding citizens, who is left with guns? Only criminals you moron .

  9. But yet amazingly no one has killed any of the stupid asses who continuously bash normal citizens and call them terrorists. Isn’t it funny that not one single mass murderer has attacked any so called dems or liberals singling them out but repubs and conservatives are attacked all the time but they are the supposed bad guys . Smells fishy to me

  10. Scared little boys and girls lashing out in fear and anger. They are the first ones to cry for protection if attacked.


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