REPORT: Nancy Pelosi, Democrats condemn Trump’s ‘reckless’ push for arrest protests

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Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi on Saturday denounced Donald Trump’s “reckless” posts urging supporters to protest his looming indictment and possible arrest.

“No one is above the law, not even a former President of the United States,” the California congresswoman tweeted, hours after Trump posted an all-caps missive to Truth Social telling followers that he “WILL BE ARRESTED ON TUESDAY OF NEXT WEEK.”


“The former president’s announcement this morning is reckless: doing so to keep himself in the news & to foment unrest among his supporters,” Pelosi tweeted.

“He cannot hide from his violations of the law, disrespect for our elections and incitements to violence,” she added.

Rep. Adam Schiff slammed House Speaker Kevin McCarthy for “playing the part of criminal defense counsel to shield Trump from accountability.”

“Heedless of the consequences to the country, he stirs the pot, and calls for an investigation of the investigators,” Schiff wrote. “It’s all part of Trump’s playbook.”

Rep. Eric Swalwell also chimed in on the anticipaated arrest and tweeted, “It was Donald Trump who broadcasted to the world the FBI raided his home to retrieve top secret documents. And it’s Donald Trump who has broadcasted to the world that he’ll soon be arrested.”

“His goal is acts of violence in his name. And we must be prepared to protect against it,” Swalwell added.

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  1. No Nancy — u Stupid Twatwaffle — what is reckless is the corrupt democrat party using the criminal justice system to persecute political opponents that u fear.

    Karma is going to get you, BITSCH.

  2. Why doesn’t somebody shut this krack pot k u n t up already. She is like the plague. Ugly botox bitch. Step in front of a bus already pelosi. No one gives a rats ass what you have to say.

    • Boy I think you said it right! She needs to explain a lot of things on January 6 who the hell she’s not above the law either!

  3. What crime ? Only criminals I See are Democrats , BLM,and ANTIFA. All run by Soros,Schumer,Schiff,Obama,Clinton aka Killary and the Bidum crime Family

  4. You piece of shit, motherfucker you need to be hanged for treason look what you did in San Francisco you piece of shit fuck you

  5. Pelosi should talk as she’s the person that was Speaker before and during the J6 incident. She was notified before hand that there would be a protest. BTW video shows guards opening doors and letting these people in and taking them on tours. Pelosi had the power to call in the national guard when it got out of hand but refused to do so, why? Could it be that she, schumer, schiff and others (maybe antifa and soros funded disrupters) wanted this to happen and were there to make it look like a Trump provoked riot so that they could get Trump. In addition, why did Pelosi refuse to turn over evidence she has in her possession on the J6 incident. And, why did she exclude herself from ever being brought in for questioning. Why did she kick out Jim Jordan and another Republican from the J6 committee? I hope that they hold her responsible for aiding and abeting the J6 incident and I believe she instigated and helped orchastrate J6. Just my opinion.

    • That is exactly what happened. The despicable pelosi, bowser (mayor of DC) and michael stenger, sergeant-at-arms were responsible. pelosi planned and of course soros funded it with his undercover dark money. This was all to frame Trump. Stenger is now deceased and died of natural causes. He was diagnosed with cancer years before January 6th happened, but the rumors were flying he died because of Jan 6th. Bullshit. He died of cancer months after it occurred. Trump authorized 10,000 National Guard Troops that day, but madam k u n t pelosi refused them along with bowser and someone on the police force. Of course pelosi refused them, it would have ruined her despicable plans. soros is the root of all evil in America and needs to be swinging from a rope at this point. That sob funds everything evil because he hates America but he sure loves the money he made here. It is alleged that he funded busloads of people to look like MAGA supporters. Busses were seen arriving and parking about 4 blocks from the Capitol with people getting off and changing into MAGA gear being handed to them. But no propaganda sights talked about know, the rag sheets and abc, cbs, msnbc, cnn….

  6. And adam schiff, the lying little sack of cow pucks playing his lying games again. Hey adam, where the hell is that witness you claimed you had? That witness ever show up adam, you lying lowlife. That’s because you never had one, right you sack of cow pucks.

  7. I don’t recall any democrats calling protesters of their party violent, when these so call peaceful protesters were burning building, looting, attacking police officers etc. what damn hypocrites. You can protest peaceful and orderly. I don’t care what these hypocrites say. No one is above the law these hypocrites say over and over, remember that when true justice comes knocking on your door., and I hope and pray soon.

  8. Grandma Vodka must be out of ice cream. Did she forget that she is one of the dirtiest corrupt thieves in DC?
    Go home Grandma Vodka and fry an egg.

  9. If those botoxed eyebrows on pelosi get any higher, they will be in her scalp. Is that a Star Trek jacket she is wearing. Where is Dr. Spock? How ugly. Nothing can make this old relic look good.

  10. Shut you fucking ugly dumb idiot. You are one of the worst democrat and we are all happy that you are not the speaker you bitch also you are the one who has to be arrested. You hate republicans and you need to stop blaming Trump for everything and you and Biden,Schumer and Schiff are all bad Democrats covering up for dumb Biden and Hunter. So all of you democrats are very jealous if Trump and Trump will win I’m 2024 because he was the best

  11. Also evil Pelosie remember you and your team and Soros planned this riot and you need to arrested for doing this and not Trump you bitch just stay home get drunk and shut your ugly fucking mouth you son of a bitch

  12. I cannot stand this woman who is my senator. You are the one to blame for J6. Sick of your deceit and lies. Shut that hole in your mouth!! You are as evil as they come.

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  14. After all the times I’ve heard her and Dems others telling people to take to the streets she has a whole lot of nerve. Not once as she condem those on the left that did it and left behind nothing but destruction and in some cases death.

  15. You stupid asses on the Left‼️ All your doing is creating more support for Trump.. he will survive this with more support & if people protest then so be it‼️He will be President again count on it .. we are MAGNA STRONG & will keep supporting this great man that fights for us.. he will go down in history as one of the greatest Presidents👍‼️
    In the mean time you have the “Moron in charge” in the WH who is so inept & criminally corrupt with his entire family Biden Crime Family‼️ Nothing
    in the criminal Justice system is kosher do you think the American people see what is going on it’s only going to take 1 spark ignite the injustice that has been shoved down the throats of the
    American People 🇺🇸
    Supporting President Donald J.Trump now & for President in 2024👍❤️🇺🇸🙏

  16. All dems are traitors, crooks, criminals, exhortation, bribery, seditious, money laundering,insider traversing, liars, thieves,and murderers and there is no justice in this country.

  17. Trump did not say “riot” or “burn that bitch down” nor anything of the sort, as is the mantra of the left/demwits. We have a right to peaceful protest. It is part of the first amendment, in the constitution and Bill of Rights. But the left/demwits have a one-way vision that is not even close to constitutional parameters. What they say and do is ok. By their standard modes of operation They know they will face no proper consequences for their callouts and orders to shut up and shut down those who don’t meet their submission edicts.


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