REPORT: NASA to test revolutionary rockets that could make extraordinary journey a reality

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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration announced plans to test a new nuclear-powered rocket, saying it’s capable of greatly reducing the time it would take to fly astronauts to Mars.

The agency is partnering with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency in what is being called the Demonstration Rocket for Agile Cislunar Operations, or DRACO, program, according to a press release.

It is estimated that a nuclear thermal rocket could be three or four times more efficient than the standard chemical propulsion used currently. However, the technology isn’t expected to be developed until 2027.

“NASA will work with our long-term partner, DARPA, to develop and demonstrate advanced nuclear thermal propulsion technology as soon as 2027. With the help of this new technology, astronauts could journey to and from deep space faster than ever — a major capability to prepare for crewed missions to Mars,” NASA Administrator Bill Nelson reportedly said.

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  1. Depends on where the research was done . Did The universities or facilities doing this have any ccp student researchers involved if so they already have the technology. FJB.

  2. LOL….How about NASA begin by telling EVERYONE that EVERYTHING they have done since the 1950s is A FRAUD !!!
    1000000 % FACT !

  3. To all of the liberal propagandists tying to discredit NASA and the space program explain the rovers on mars and the mirrors on the moon . We have wasted over 29 trillion dollars and 57 years on women’s social programs bribing them to vote democratic. We could already have had colonies on the moon and mars and been exploring Titan instead. Morons and greedy women.


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