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Some 100 National Guardsmen will be in Washington this week to help support police officers patrolling protests planned by President Donald Trump supporters this week.

“We have received confirmation that the D.C. National Guard will be assisting the Metropolitan Police Department, beginning tomorrow through the life cycle of this event,” Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee III told reporters at a press conference on Monday.

The article goes on to state the following:

National Guard personnel will be assisting police officers with crowd management and traffic control, freeing officers “to focus on anyone who’s intent on instigating, agitating, or participating in violence in our city,” he added.

Be sure to listen to Monday’s Dennis Michael Lynch podcast below. It’s a must-hear!

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  1. Unbelievable! They activate the National guard for us, but allow BLM assholes destroy cities!!!! We are not just “mostly” peaceful, we have proven we are “completely” peaceful.

  2. Basically, DC is going all in to squash a peaceful protest with national guard, but previously allowed the radicals on the left to damage stuff and instigate violence, without much more than lifting a finger. The total bias against the right is on full displays usual!

    • It is just so ridiculous and frustrating that they can burn down cities who don’t want the National Guard brought in but a peaceful protest by President Trump supporters they call them BEFORE anything has happened?! Hypocrites beyond belief!

  3. Sure, Muriel, refuse to activate the National Guard while ANTIFA and BLM protestors/rioters are assaulting people and tearing up businesses…but for TRUMP and VOTER INTEGRITY supporters who have NO HISTORY of violence, you call out the troops. You’re so hypocritical. Where were you four years ago during President Trump’s Inauguration???

    • It’s making me so mad what these people get away with! She is calling in help before the protests even start . She is an unbelievable troublemaker and obviously hates our country.

  4. I guess us Trump supporters are the violent ones. We go destroy peoples businesses and set things on fire, tear down statues and destroy what ever else we can. The only thing I would destroy is the antifa and Blm shit that are terrorizing this country. I’ve got a good supply lead waiting on them.

  5. I guess us Trump supporters are the violent ones. We go destroy businesses set things on fire tear down statues and destroy whatever else we can. These idiots are nothing but Trash. It’s about time we start taking out the trash.

  6. LOL !!!! Because peaceful people are going down to support Trump this is what they do, National Guard ! But when Antifa and BLM go through and destroy a city burning it to the ground, hurt several citizens that try to protect their hard earned property, and Trump tries to sen the Guard it’s refused because these 2 groups are “ expressing themselves “ these Democrats have destroyed our country, destroyed the values and morals of “ their followers, their puppets “ “ We the people “ still have these values instilled in us and this is why we are still fighting for our country and want Trump as our President ! If it doesn’t pan out because the last few people that can and should do their jobs by following the law and constitution then we as a country will be in Hell for decades to come, we are on a decline to a third world country as the people that put us here retain their wealth. Some will die, hope I’m here to see that. May they burn in eternal flames.

  7. Very clear our government is only a hair split different than a central american banana republic.

    We have rigged elections, public corruption, oligarchs and now using the military against conservative, peaceful, protesters.

    Yet the violent BLM/ANTIFA thugs get a pass because they are the paramilitary arm of the Democrat Party.

  8. Is this for our protection against antifa terrorists or to control us and make sure we stay in line? Don’t we always have peaceful protests and even clean up before we leave? I’m hoping it’s for our safety.

  9. This just burns my butt! She didn’t call the guards in when these crazy radicals Antifa and BLM were destroying the city but calls them out for a peaceful protest. Disgraceful! 😡😡😡

  10. Actuall, I’m glad the National Guard will be there. You can trust them. You sure as heck can’t trust the DC police at least the majority of them.

  11. I personally believe the National Guard will be there for the protection and safety of this Trump rally. And, they need to be just in case Antifa and BLM show up trying again to create a violent environment.


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