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Rural school districts in Texas are switching to four-day weeks this fall due to lack of staff. Florida is asking veterans with no teaching background to enter classrooms. Arizona is allowing college students to step in and instruct children.

The teacher shortage in America has hit crisis levels — and school officials everywhere are scrambling to ensure that, as students return to classrooms, someone will be there to educate them.

The article goes on to state the following:

It is hard to know exactly how many U.S. classrooms are short of teachers for the 2022-2023 school year; no national database precisely tracks the issue. But state- and district-level reports have emerged across the country detailing staffing gaps that stretch from the hundreds to the thousands — and remain wide open as summer winds rapidly to a close.

“I have never seen it this bad,” said Dan Domenech, executive director of the School Superintendents Association. “Right now it’s number one on the list of issues that are concerning school districts … necessity is the mother of invention, and hard-pressed districts are going to have to come up with some solutions.”

The Post notes that while there is no database, and therefore no solid figures, on the exact number of classrooms that have a teacher shortage, there are other indicators. For example, state- and district-level reports from all around the country show there are staffing gaps in the hundreds to the thousands.

Statistics the Post listed include:

  • The Nevada State Education Association estimated around 3,000 teaching jobs were unfilled across the state’s 17 school districts
  • The Illinois Association of Regional School Superintendents found that 88 percent of school districts statewide were having “problems with teacher shortages.”
  • In the Houston area, the biggest five school districts reported between 200 and 1,000 open teaching positions.

Teachers are so scarce that superintendents have started to alert each other when educators move between states.

“We’re at a point right now, where if I have people who want to move to California, I call up and give a reference very quick,” Carlton Jenkins, superintendent of the Madison Metropolitan School District in Wisconsin, said. “And if someone is coming from another place — say, Minnesota — I have superintendent colleagues in Minnesota, they call and say, ‘Hey, I have teachers coming your way.’ ”

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  1. Awwwwwwww, so called teachers don’t want to teach in the atmosphere they created , they voted for it and worse yet they taught it especially in the inner city school systems . The parents who’s years of indifference led to this will just have to find schools to send their kids to…Karma is a bitch

  2. Horse crap! RANDY W. Has established a shortage for now as a bargaining chip. History repeats itself. Randi, I remember your NY days. Nothing has changed.

    We will not be held hostage.

  3. Well between those teachers who dont want to work and stay at home are afraud of getting covid even though they have the jab or those teachers who dont want a jab or have to wear a mask(and I dont blame them I would not either) also those who were caught doing something they should not be doing to kids and those who retired. Its a problem .

  4. Maybe if you weren’t asking *actual* educators to lie to kids about CRT, you’d have some good teachers. And maybe, after seeing the outrage of parents for these freaks grooming our kids, they’ve jumped ship, before we demand criminal charges. The access to our kids is now denied! And maybe……juuuust maybe, you shouldn’t have a teacher’s Union-or maybe you just shouldn’t have a far left radical nutjob like Randi Weingarden as the head of it-and they shouldn’t have colluded with this batshit crazy leftist White House to shut down schools. And the teachers who quit because they are afraid of the virus…..shouldn’t be spending hours a day with impressionable children. Keep your freak personal life away from our kids. And let teachers educate, NOT INDOCTRINATE!

  5. Some of these comments are harsh. There are teachers out there that really want to teach. My daughter taught her first year this past school year and the stories about the lack of respect and discipline were unbelievable. The administration is all about coddling these kids and pushing them through. She had no support from the administration when asking for help. No wonder teachers are fed up

    • I can believe that too, children are not taught to have any respect for anyone anymore, and a lot of times, that goes back to fatherless homes, where only the Mother is there, trying to support their children and work. Of course, you should be having children with men who won’t make a commitment to marry you or support their children. The only way to cure this, is to shut the barn door, and lock it. Men, it’s time to man up and be responsible for your sons and daughters.

  6. Janice that is the truth! The kids are horrendous. Only come half the time. Don’t care if they learn anything. No support from admin or parents. Now it will be teach all grades because no-one is left behind you have to teach 1,2, 3, 4 and up to whatever grade. Oh and whatever language pops in your class… teach that too. For about 40-50 k a year and buy your own supplies including work sheets games etc…

  7. Later in life, I wanted to be a teacher. I felt I had a lot to offer. I pursued a teaching certification during which I was having a hard time accepting the concepts the program was pushing. Then, i did classroom observation. I experienced some great teachers. But the students? It was appalling. I dropped the program. Need I say more?

  8. IMHO I can’t blame a lot of the teachers. You’ve had some leaven because of the lockdowns, those that didn’t want the Big V, there are good teachers out there but I wonder if some have been fired because they won’t teach what they know isn’t true to make room for the idiots we’ve all seen on Tik that are pushing the crap dims want. For one thing we need these school board members like in Cali, va, ny who are not even wanting schools to open kicked off the board ! I know in a lot of schools teachers fear for their own safety & I don’t blame them for that. A lot of kids today are uncontrollable and the school boards sit back and do nothing. I know how horrible virtual learning was and every state is seeing the consequences of it. What was worse was the hybrid debacle & trying to teach half a class room of kids and the other half on zoom was unbelievable and I honestly don’t know how alot of teachers did it. We monitored ours and I fell sorry for the teachers. But you also have bad teachers out there like in every other aspect of life. If someone wanted to come to our school from one of these liberal places like Cali you know alot of them are going to do gender, and other crap. The main ones to suffer are going to be the small kids. I told my kids & my children have told the teachers the same thing, If they act up & need paddling do it & they will get it again when they get home. Doing away with punishment in schools helped propagate these problems. Especially big cities. I’d like to know the cities where the biggest shortages are. A lot of teachers are just burnt out.

  9. Further proof that American society is collapsing. What we had wasn’t perfect, but it worked much better than THIS!


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