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Newsmax White House correspondent Emerald Robinson will not have her contract renewed when it ends in January after she was banned permanently from Twitter for sharing misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines.

The Washington Post first reported that Robinson would be out at the beginning of next year.

The article goes on to state the following:

‘Emerald is still with Newsmax, however her contract ends in January and we will not be renewing it. We appreciate the work she has done on-air for the network,’ Newsmax told the newspaper.

According to the report, Newsmax owner Chris Ruddy called Emerald Robinson six months ago, ordering her to “take it easy on the Biden administration and on Jen Psaki in particular at press briefings.”

However, the final straw was reportedly when Robinson posted multiple comments on Twitter that were critical of the coronavirus vaccine, which got her suspended and then permanently banned from Twitter.

Newsmax has now announced that Robinson’s contract will not be renewed when her current term ends in January.

“Emerald is still with Newsmax, however her contract ends in January and we will not be renewing it. We appreciate the work she has done on-air for the network,” Newsmax wrote in a statement.

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  1. DML had the same experience by that liberal Chris Ruddy asking true journalists to not pursue democrat politicians.

    There are so many blind and zombified people thinking Newsmax is the conservative news bastion. It is not.

    Newsmax is merely controlled opposition; totally fake.

  2. As they say “truth is in the eye of the viewer” liberal media will always accuse someone who disagrees with the script of spreading misinformation. Given that the CDC and Fauci have consistently lied. She should not have been terminated. So NEWSMAX we’re done, I no longer trust you to provide the truth – not because of her but because of your bowing to Twitter

  3. I guess I can stop watching Newsmax. What’s the old saying…no news is good news….so who the hell are you suppose to go to in order to get the truth.

  4. “take it easy on the Biden administration”
    Say what? Wow, I guess newsmax just isn’t the news I’m looking for. I’m looking for putting pressure on Biden and his administration to do the right things for the American citizen taxpayers. Not to build back b*******

  5. Newsmax is becoming no different than all the other bs media. It’s all about ratings and dollars in the end.
    Mr. Ruddy just cooked his own goose.
    Done with Fox and Newsmax. Too many other resources available. Like the Epoch Times motto…
    “If you can prove it, you can print it”👍

  6. I dumped Fox News and thought Newsmax was the way to go! Guess I’m over them too! No integrity in News anymore all are irresponsible jerks!

  7. That leaves RSBN (Right Side Broadcasting), OAN (One America News) and Tucker Carlson, plus DML, as the last few reliable sources of the truth.


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