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California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) rallied supporters in Long Beach on the final night of campaigning in the California recall election, telling them that a vote for his main opponent, Larry Elder, is a vote against “diversity” and “racial justice.”

Elder, who is African American and was born and raised in Compton, would be the state’s first black governor.

The article goes on to state the following:

However, Newsom, devoting most of his speech to attacks on Elder — as he has throughout the last month of his campaign — said that Elder’s views on race and gender were out of touch with the left-wing views that California Democrats hold.

Tuesday is the final day of voting in the California recall election against Newsom.

Newsom also reportedly declared, “The other side of this recall is someone who believes in no minimum wage or corporate tax…That is all on the ballot.”

“We may have defeated Donald Trump but we have not defeated Trumpism. We need to send a message that Trumpism will be defeated in the United States of America,” Newsom claimed.

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  1. What a loser that guy is. If California votes to keep him, they need their heads examined. I will be convinced the smart ones have already left.

  2. NEWSOM showing his true colors. He is the racist. I pray that people of color can see through his charade. He is an elitist. He only cares about himself. For him to attack Larry Elder in such a manner is disgusting. Let’s go California, get rid of PELOSI’S nephew! He doesn’t care about the average Californian. He lies just like his auntie. California can do better. VOTE LARRY ELDER. Vote YEScon the recall!! YES YES YES on recall.

  3. What about real justice being on the ballot and a deceitful, dishonest, lying cheat and thief being held to account. Had the feebs not already been bought and paid for he would have already gone to jail over getting his multi million dollar mansion tax free. California needs to be the first state to bring back tarring and feathering as a special punishment reserved only for politicians and state employees who,commit treason against the people, take bribes or are otherwise dishonest.

  4. The Dems and the Left have already been caught CHEATING in this election. They are showing us, how low they will go, to maintain power.
    I pray that Larry Elder SWEEPS the election, and sends a Clear Message, that AMERICA is fed up, with their games !

  5. I truly pray that gruesome Newsome will be ousted. He is as big a fraud as his Aunt Nancy. The whole democratic part has gone to hell. I should be illegal to be a Democrat. They’re all liars, thieves, and traitors!

  6. Newsom could get away with calling Elder a N….r n democrats would cheer him. The worst people in the USA are democrat politicians… The worst!!

  7. Does voting really matter, they are cheating, everyone knows they are cheating and no one does anything about it. The commies don’t even care they cheat in plain sight

  8. DID ANYONE advise Larry To check the integrity of the VOTING MACHINES in California before this vote??? With extremist Democrats in power, they are sure to be RIGGED so Newsome will NOT BE RECALLED?? 😠


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