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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following information published by Fox News:

California Gov. Gavin Newsom held back details from the public and lawmakers about a $990 million state N95 mask contract with a China-based firm scrutinized by Congress.

But now, a trove of 848 pages of documents is available to the public, obtained by government watchdog group Judicial Watch. The documents provide details on how the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services selected BYD to make 300 million face masks for protection against COVID-19, a virus that originated in Wuhan.

The article goes on to state the following:

The documents—mostly emails—show the role of lobbyists in arranging the deal and that California deviated from normal procedures in awarding the contract.

The report states that in July, Newsom signed a second deal with BYD for another 400 million masks, for $316 million.

CLICK HERE to read more of this report by Fox News.

CLICK HERE to read the some of the emails documenting the deal between Newsom and the Chinese company.

Gov. Newsom tweeted on Tuesday, “REMINDER: CA, you are now REQUIRED to wear a mask in public spaces. We’re seeing too many people with faces uncovered. Wearing a face covering is critical for keeping people safe and healthy, keeping businesses open and getting people back to work. Do your part. Wear your mask.”

One Twitter used fired back with a link to the Fox News report about Newsom’s deal with the Chinese company, and wrote, “Wait, let me see if I understand this correctly…#China gives the world #COVID19 and @GavinNewsom awards them with a contract to produce masks to protect against the virus they created? Crazy #LiberalLogic.”

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To get more information about this article, please visit Fox News.

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  1. What a piece of crap that man is!! When will be put out of office?? Hope they get enough signatures to boot him out soon. He is TOXIC and a traitor to not only CA but to the entire USA!#!

  2. Doesn’t surprise me. Have you ever tried to buy a mask in the store? I’ve only found one that wasn’t made in China. BTW, I didn’t buy any of them.

  3. What do you expect for pelosi’s nephew Trump got a better deal from Russia for the masks and he wasn’t going to give that much money back to China for giving us the covid so it goes to show you who’s bought and paid for by China

  4. No surprise here, Newsom is part of the Obama,Clinton, Biden socialist party that, for a price, are giving China their full 100% support. They have sold their soles for a few pieces of gold. Judgement day will soon be on us and they will have a price to pay for their GREED

  5. Late last year I saw a video , Chinese people making face masks … as they were being sewn they were dropping onto the filthy floor !!! Then they would box them up and send them out !! Now this !!!! 😡

  6. Hmmm. There are lies by commission (literally uttering a falsehood) and there are lies of omission (not uttering, but leaving out salient facts, so as to deceive).

    Newsome is good at both.

    I sure hope they’re working hard to get those valid recall signatures.

  7. China probably put covid into the masks just like they did our ice cream!!! No thank you! Not buying ANYTHING from China!!! 👎😡

  8. Try to kill off .millions with the virus , and the ones that lived get to buy their masks. And NOBODY has answered me why aren’t we making them here in the US


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