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HOUSTON, Texas – The 2022 National Rifle Association convention kicked off on Friday in Texas and some members of the gun advocacy group who attended the event expressed their opposition to calls for gun control while discussing ways to move forward.

The annual convention came on the heels of the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas, on Tuesday which left 19 children and two adults dead.

The article goes on to state the following:

The convention, held at the George R. Brown Convention Center amid nearby protests from gun-control advocates, hosted thousands of individuals who displayed fierce support for the preservation of the Second Amendment and gun rights.

A gentleman, who chose to give only his first name of “Franklin”, traveled over ten hours from Georgia to attend the NRA convention and show his support. He said, “What happened to those kids is awful, it’s scary, it’s sad, I send prayers to those families today and for the rest of my days.”

However, he went on to say, “While I grieve with those families and the others who have lost children in school shootings, we have to have an honest conversation, the NRA did not do this. No one but the shooter did this. We cannot let those calling for restrictions on guns get in the way of fixing this crisis. We gotta do what is necessary to protect these schools, whether it be improving security in schools, getting armed officers to work at schools, or making schools one-way entry zones.”

A couple from Texas, Mark and Carol McElroy, was asked about school shootings and what could have been done moving forward to deter them in relation to gun violence. Mr. McElroy said, “There’s a big hole in the school system, there’s a mental health problem somewhere.”

“The country is certainly divided, obviously, there’s no question about it,” he added. “We both would like to see the states implement a background check for juveniles.”

His wife said she believed teachers should be armed and taught gun safety and how to handle them.

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  1. Frank luntz is a idiot. 21 really are you going to raise the age of military enrollment to 21??? How about when you have locks on doors USE THEM AND DONT PROP DOORS OPEN

  2. If 21 is the age for a gun. Then so should joining the service . Cant have 18 yrs olds dying in a war or shooting a gun . So should the voting age.

  3. Well…
    If we are going to limit the second amendment, why don’t we limit the first also?
    Let’s see, umm, freedom of speech is limited to why a government panel says is permissible, reigion is only chosen by a government panel snd one must go thru a background check to ensure you are capable of following the true faith and have not been worshipping in another religion, freedom to redress the government, well let’s just throw that put with the bath water, freedom to assemble, that’s already restricted by permits. Shall I press on to the 4th , 5th…

  4. How about CRIMINAL and MENTALLY ILL.control ????? I’m with them.this insidious gun control BS is simply another deliberate distraction it addresses NOTHING which is thier GOAL.

  5. It simply amazes me the narrative here. I assume it’s ok for afghanny children and Ukraine children to be killed with the weapons we are sending /left in those countries… really?
    Here’s the easy solution…. Get rid of the clowns in America , case closed

  6. Somebody in the article said that we need better background checks for juveniles. The problem is that at age of 18 people are considered adults thereby they’re no longer juveniles. As an adult they have a constitutional right to own guns. If you don’t want 18-year-olds to have guns then the age adulthood in this country needs to change. Which would mean a whole lot of other things need to be changed including the fact that you can’t join the military at age 18 and maybe kids shouldn’t be driving as soon as 16. No more moving out on their own and age 18 are signing contracts. After all people do refer to 18-year-olds as kids a lot of times and they’re barely out of high school if even out of high school yet when they turn age 18. This would change how they go to college too if they weren’t legal adults until 21.

  7. My friends
    Don’t you know that all of this is an attack on our 2nd amendment
    Our constitutional right to bear arms
    As soon as they get their foot in the door( the gun grabbers) they will never stop until they have all of our firearms and repeal our 2nd Amendment
    We need those rights to protect ourselves
    If the government ever comes after us I am sure they will have automatic weapons
    Why shouldn’t we be on an equal plane as them?
    If we loose any part of our second Amendment rights we will be no different than Russia or China
    When they talk about the great reset or New World Order it is the USA without the 2nd Amendment
    Don’t kid yourself
    That is our governments goal and they won’t stop until the achieve it
    Please name me one NRA member who has ever done one of these horrific acts?


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