REPORT: NY liberal lawmaker ridicules ‘absent’ AOC following SCOTUS stunt

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A liberal New York state lawmaker ripped fellow progressive U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., on Twitter Sunday for being “absent” in her home district, while a medical student also lambasted the congresswoman “squad” member for her “performative” display at a recent Supreme Court protest.

The public online spat started last week when a Twitter user named Daniel, who identifies as a medical student and a health activist under the handle @jai_lies, called out Ocasio-Cortez’s office for purportedly canceling a meeting with health policy activists wanting to discuss a British-style socialized medical plan.

The article goes on to state the following:

The medical student wrote in a July 21 tweet that “a couple of the most highly respected health policy academics recenly [sic] set up a meeting with AOC’s office to discuss NHS style healthcare reform. They were told bluntly by AOC’s staff, ‘we’re not doing healthcare right now.’”

He added in a separate tweet, “So, while she’s doing performative resistance art for the camera’s [sic] she’s ‘not doing healthcare right now. We are in the middle of two pandemics & people are still dying because they lack healthcare. this is not fighting.”

Ocasio-Cortez responded Sunday to the tweet writing, “I’m really sorry to hear that this happened. It’s not representative of me nor my values. If you can connect with details I’d appreciate it. I’ll follow so DMs will be open.”

Democrat state Sen. Jessica Ramos, responded to the reply by Ocasio-Cortez writing, “Maybe if you spent more time in your office and with your team you’d know what goes on. Just saying it would be nice if you breathed our air. So, as an employer, what happens with the staffer who said this?”

Twitter user Zek Hans responded to Ramos writing, “This is a very disappointing statement Senator Ramos. We do not even know if this is even true and all this is going to do is have right wing news freaks come in here to attack her.”

Ramos replied, “Our district offices are on the same floor in the same building. She’s barely ever present in the community. It’s an indisputable fact.”

Ramos again rebutted another Twitter user, see below:

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  1. The libs of NY eat their own. The fact that the are arguing at each other on Twitter is hilarious. NY gets the government they deserve.

  2. Spot on, Senator Ramos.

    aoc isn’t representing her constituents via her SCOTUS antics / acting.

    aoc should be there, available to her constituents – including you, on a routine basis – what she was elected to do.

    I think it’s admirable for you to point this out, and from your comment, it appears you believe in accountability by elected people.

    It doesn’t matter what party an elected official is in: they all need to remember they were elected to represent their constituents, NOT just themselves, and all elected officials are accountable for the job they do – or don’t do.


    Thank you.

  3. Did anyone actually expect anything different from a bartender turned politician who couldn’t believe she had won her first ever attempt at politics??

  4. Cortez is doing and saying what she wants when she wants. She represents her self always has and always will. She thinks she is the smartest peerson in the room.

  5. “purportedly canceling a meeting with health policy activists wanting to discuss a British-style socialized medical plan”.

    “We are in the middle of two pandemics & people are still dying because they lack healthcare”.

    They think under socialized healthcare people are immuned to getting sick, pandemics and dying. They think is the best thing since slice bread.. How many people died in Britain with the covid pandemic? This medical student needs a hard wake up call.

  6. Try meeting her outside the capital with loud mouth liberals and some imaginary cops with imaginary handcuffs, and I bet you she’ll be there.


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