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The New York Times quietly removed its assertion that the New York Post’s reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop prior to the 2020 election was “unsubstantiated” from a story published Monday about a Federal Election Commission complaint related to the matter.

The Times reported Monday that the FEC ruled in August that Twitter did not violate any laws by temporarily blocking users from sharing the Post’s Oct. 14 story on a “smoking gun” email from Hunter Biden’s laptop showing that an executive of a Ukrainian gas company had thanked him for an introduction to then-Vice President Joe Biden. The Times called the story “unsubstantiated” when its article on the FEC’s decision was first published early Monday afternoon.

The article goes on to state the following:

“The Federal Election Commission has dismissed Republican accusations that Twitter violated election laws in October by blocking people from posting links to an unsubstantiated New York Post article about Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s son Hunter Biden, in a decision that is likely to set a precedent for future cases involving social media sites and federal campaigns,” Times reporter Shane Goldmacher stated in its original version of his report Monday.

The Daily Caller noted that back on October 29, a cybersecurity expert had stated that the email at the center of the Post’s story was unquestionably authentic.

Although the New York Times has updated their report to remove the word “unsubstantiated,” their original tweet also contained the word, and has not been taken down.

Washington Examiner editor Daniel Chaitin first noted that the Time had quietly revised their article, and tagged Twitter, writing, “Your trending section hasn’t gotten the memo.”

Daily Caller editor Geoffrey Ingersoll tweeted, “The “unsubstantiated” Hunter Biden story is true and has since been substantiated. Pretty amazing that nowhere does this NYT article make those facts clear. It just lets the audience believe, misleadingly, that the story was either bogus or a Russian op.”

Free Beacon reporter Chuck Ross tweeted, “A source familiar with this ruling tells me that the FEC does not call the Biden laptop article “unsubstantiated.” That’s NYT’s language.”

Fox News contributor Sara Carter mocked, “Unsubstantiated? LOL…NYT desperate to continue to cover for Biden and sons.”

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  1. Fraud against the American people .
    When Republicans show up to vote and the poll people stated they already voted , show the video and the signature and ID.
    This proves the November election was stolen just as it is used again.
    Newsome is Pelosi’s nephew.
    Get these people out of office.


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